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MYSTIC (from a class by Father Paul)

Prepare, for the Bridegroom cometh.”  This is the time in which a minister must have the answers.  These are things he must explain, these are the things he must know and be able to understand and to explain to his people.  It is time that this should be manifest by teaching the people what they need to know in order to know Christ.

A part of the unseen will become seen in this age, being able to see those that come to teach and help us.  This will happen as the bodies of those that remain here adjust and expand.  We will then be able to control our own bodies; we will control the things around us.  This is the time for the return of the Christ.

If we truly understood it, we would look with great concern upon ourselves when we receive the gifts that we do from the earth, of which our Lord is Master.  This is one of the great mysteries, or at least what are called mysteries; because as I have said many times, a mystery is only a mystery to us because it is right in front of our eyes and we have seen it and known it since birth, practically.  It is a mystery because it is so simple that all peoples have seen it but have not recognized it as a reality. And this, of course, is true most of our lives, in all things that have to do with religious or spiritual matters.

Those who understand the work of the mystic orders—not the occult, but the mystic orders—do not denounce the work of the Master Jesus nor belittle the work and the power of the Christos.  And this is true of every mystic that has lived for the last two thousand years and over.  For they have constantly been trying to re-establish the ancient work which has been torn down by what we call the present-day Christian church, those which deny the existence of the greater Order of which the mystic is a part.  For he is a member of the Brotherhood, and by that I mean the White Brotherhood; not some physical organization, but a greater one.

A true mystic, a person of true divinity, is a man who is true within himself.  He will look at both sides of any question, unprejudiced.  Until he does that, he has not reached the point of being a true God-man.  Because if you have prejudice, then you do not have wisdom. Under no circumstance can wisdom have prejudice; it can’t exist.  And logic is not wisdom.