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All hail, ye women and ye men!
All hail, ye champions of the light again.
The Christ is here with love sublime,
It is your line, it is mine.

A shield he is not, but a full-blown power;
The earth at last has come to its birth-hour.
The Host from many orbs assembles
To escort a new Messiah which resembles

The great Lord of Earth, who shouts with glee
To see the Earth as it will house you and me.
For out of the dark dim past of ages long ago
Streams that faint picture of His birth you all know.

But now the good news is not news any longer;
It is a reality, but much stronger.
Hark ye, hark ye, hear the angels sing.
This is what we’ve waited for – this is our new-born King!

Look thou within thyself, O servant of the Almighty,
And fear not, for thou shalt see Him nightly.
For in the heavens I hear the song:
“Hark ye, hark ye, earth below.
This is the Real story of long ago.”