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From Cosmic Consciousness Tape:

“It is the soul we seek to emancipate, to clean, to renovate with light, and our own actions.  And then we are free men and we’ll get true answers.  This is why the individual who has delved into the psychic, and I’m not saying there isn’t such a thing as psychic sight, because I know there is; I have worked around too much of it.  I know it’s true.  But because there has been no light and they haven’t found the Self, and it hasn’t been cleansed, then the things that do come up from the Self come through all the rubbish and the records of negation and error.  And this is what we call psychic perception in lots of cases, or intuition.  And this is misguided intuition because the true answer then has to go through a false filter.  And so we are misinformed.  But when the illumination and the Light of Christ is there and you’ve found the Self, you have found the soul, you’ve paid the penalty or price, then what comes out, that’s straight goods.  There’s no coloring to it.  It is the cold factual truth, and will not err.

One of the things of course is demonstrated, and this is one of the facts on which they say the Pope is infallible, and if he is a realized being and a Master of the Arts, he would be infallible.  And this is why he’d be infallible.  It wouldn’t be through any lineage, but it was because he got a direct connection with the mind of the Father where there are no mistakes made.  And this is his only source of infallibility.

In one of the old sources of information I picked up, some very interesting statement.  Probably said it a lot better than I could ever say it, I’m sure:

“Man is neither a living being, nor a living material expression, but a living soul.”  Do you get that?  That’s got a little turn-around-the-corner there: don’t miss it, because there’s the secret.  Man is of the consciousness of God and of the expression of matter.”