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…For a long time, probably ever since you have been in this school, you have heard me refer to the New Heaven and the New Earth, and the fact that as the sun and the power of the Christ comes into earth, that you will have a constant expansion until we reach the level where the heaven world has come down, the psychic world has enmeshed and come into conjunction with the earth, I’m talking vibration-wise, and then we’ll have a new vibration on the earth.

Now, a long time ago, ten, twelve years ago, I had it pointed out to me very clearly what this new heaven and new earth was.  And it is a change of the relationship between the molecular structure.  In other words, we are becoming less dense, more porous.  You’ve probably heard that many, many times since you’ve come here.  But tonight I want to get a truer understanding of what takes place when we use the terms, that the man is “cleansing.”  Now, this is a very, very trite term, and they are going through it, and I don’t think that always we understand it.  We say that they have things within them which are toxic, that have been built up and so on and so forth, and they are getting rid of these things.  Well, generally and in a very true way, this is an existent fact.

But let us go back a little bit further and study the reality of how this body became imperfect….When the average individual comes into life, unless he is carrying with him a karmic debt, one which he has brought over where there is physical deformity from the past life, he has a perfect body.  At the time of creation, that body is perfect.  Then in the Testament, we have this very trite saying which we try to side-step and which we do and which I believe in because I don’t wish to accept the medical terminology of “heredity.”  And that is, “the sins of the father are visited upon the second and third generation.”  Now, the second and third generation is sometimes very misunderstood….the second generation is not the next individual or child that comes from that mother.  The second generation thereafter, but not the next one, the grandchildren….We have been taught for thousands of years, the existence of the dweller on the threshold.  This is a very ancient and well-put term which has been used by the mystics and the teachers for thousands of years.  The dweller on the threshold.  It is that which you create, that which you bring forth over the years of your growth…Now there is this dweller on the threshold as he is called.  I call him, and later writers of mystic form and order have also called him, the animal, because they found it more convenient, more realistic, and it sort of drove home an idea to the people that they were teaching.  It kept it away from being an abstraction, because people were always talking about the human race as being just another form of higher animal.  Well now, this is partially true.

When we sense this in reality, God made man in His own image.  This didn’t say anything about the vehicle that He was going to bear this man in.  Because there are a number of different types of vehicles that man is born in and that isn’t just man of the earth either.  There are other places for man to be in besides just this earth, that’s for sure.  But here on this earth where we are particularly interested, man has a vehicle and it is the vehicle which you look at in a mirror.  I’m sorry, gentlemen, that isn’t you.  That isn’t you at all.  And until you get to realize that that isn’t you, until you get to the place where you feel it’s not you, until your consciousness has abandoned it and it is not you, you do not you do not have the realization of unity with God.

Now there’s one particular one phase of this thing that we are vitally interested in teaching, and that is the elimination of the animal within us.  Now I didn’t say anything about the vehicle itself…Many people said that they have animal bodies, and this is true.  But these vehicles can become very spiritual.  But it is the act of the individual making the change from the animal to the spiritual physical body of man that brings about what we talk about as “going through changes.”  And this happens in this way.

The spiritual body of man is always perfect.  The physical flesh which is within that matrix; it’s pretty perfect too.  When man’s thinking and vibration of his thinking, his fears and other things of this nature brought about by his ignorance, changes the chemical balance and composition of the physical body and produces foreign elements within it, then he reaches an imbalance and the reactions of these chemicals build up a vibration of itself.  Here we have what is being filled in an electrochemical structure of the body, filled in it is this foreign substance and foreign matter.  And you are building in accordance with your thoughts, in accordance with your actions, you are building another being.  And this is the being that you are breaking down when you are going through training and becoming adjusted or “going through” as we call it simply, and I love the term because it takes away from the student a possibility should I say, of fear complex.

Now, physiologically we have some drastic reactions take place in the physical body, but usually they hold up very well.  We say, well they have colds, sure they have.  They have disturbances of this nature.  But they all come out of them.  Yes.  Why?  Fortunately, fortunately, we have a very elaborate, very elaborate storage system in the body with a great many storage bins.  Thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon tens of thousands.  And they are the little lymph ducts.  And as you go along through life, you store up all of the excesses that shouldn’t be there.  Foreign elements of vibration, foreign toxins, foreign this…

Let us go back, though to this animal of the dweller on the threshold.  Now, when you receive the power of the Holy Spirit, there is a tremendous force going through you.  When you live in a brotherhouse where there is a common pattern of acceptance and the Light of Christ in it, there is a purification process that is prominent.  Why?  What is the second point of the triangle in color?  It’s yellow, isn’t it?  Blue, yellow, red.  Right?  Yellow—you people get what I’m talking about?  Blue, yellow, red.  The only three colors that exist.  This point down here is yellow.  This is the Christ point, isn’t it?  Right?  Yellow is a purgative color.  It is a cleansing color.  It will produce cleansing…I don’t know whether you know this or not, but colds of themselves are caused from confusion in the individual—or light shock of some kind…So, all that happens is there is confusion in the new student.  Because he is changing life forms, you see?  He is taking on a new form.  A new potential.  Now, the Bible is true when it says that you will take on a new body, when it says you will take on an eternal body…And you are; because regardless of what they try to perpetrate today, for when you’ve gotten rid of that body which you have created in there, that animal of the man; when you have gotten rid of this completely and you are in charge, then your body will start to reconstruct and regeneration will set in…