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Science has grown apace during my lifetime and individuals, many of them, think intellectual brilliance is the ultimate of reality.  Everyone seems to want to be “in” on whatever everyone else is in on, no matter how stupid or destructive.  The “smart” people have lined the pocketbooks of the greedy, who have bought out much of the industry and the media.  Not all, of course.  There are always many good people; but the wicked make more noise.  They yell louder and go to court oftener, and spend more money to put their favorites in important jobs and government.

There used to be a small town band playing gratis in the little square or park in town on Saturday nights, when families did their weekly shopping.  Since then, atoms have been split, supposedly to help people.  Transportation has gone from horse and buggy and sleigh, in my lifetime, to automobiles, planes and even rockets to outer space.  Communication has gone from telephone and telegram to radio, TV, e-mail and instant news in picture from anywhere in the world, bounced off satellites in space.  This is wonderful almost beyond belief, but where is it taking us?  That depends entirely on the character of the persons who use them, the degree of caring for other persons and for the earth and humanity in general.

From a time of plenty (theoretically, at least) the land has been all but stripped bare and the environment has been polluted, the earth and water, threatening not only nations with hunger and want, but the entire planet and the living beings on it.  Thinking he was progressing, man has plundered the planet and made the outlook difficult for future generations.  It can all be changed, turned around, if he will seek wisdom instead of cleverness, and will think of the good of the whole before his own greedy gain.

I have also seen other changes begin, at the root of things, moving quietly and bravely, the more enlightened idealists of the world, who have been pointing the way to save the planet and have put themselves into difficult positions to make their point.  They have seen the dangers, and have begun to make a dent in the thinking of others, stirring up action to correct the errors before it is too late.

The greatest change of all that has come about in my lifetime is the consciousness of the spirit moving among mankind, felt in many ways by those who have experienced the leavening of a spiritual awakening.  The changing of the Ages brings about a shakedown, the tares having matured with the wheat, and certain persons are quietly bringing the Light into dark places.                          -Rev. Mother Ruth Blighton