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Lisa and I are staying with the Andersons in Oregon before we take our vacation. Hiking and riding through the beauty of the Northwest is to walk in God’s mind, His vision. Living in Hawaii I feel the same awe and peace daily. Then you read a newspaper or watch a you-tube or listen to news and hear of the horror and brutality of world events.

What a dichotomy! How do you find the balance? Do we ignore all negative events?

No, we walk the very fine line. As workers of the Light it is our sworn duty to shine the light and set right the wrong that we encounter, without being caught by it. You know we start choosing sides or judging the actions of others, rather than using the tools given by our Lord to correct the mistakes.

I have to constantly check myself as I get drawn into the fray. Stay vigilant and positive, rise above it. Father Paul used to say the hardest part of our mission will be when we leave the sanctuary of the brother house and go into the world and live the teachings. Having said, that Mark and I watched the 49er game in a biker bar today. Nice people really, they just dress funny, me included. I tried to only discuss positive things, it isn’t hard, most folks would rather laugh than argue,when they laugh they shine.

Tomorrow we start our annual one month ride to Utah and the Rockies. We avoid All news and TV, too tired at the end day anyway. After a month on the road you feel clean and renewed by all the wonderful people you meet and the glory of creation and really feel we can change things, we must change this world or who else will? Stay strong my brothers and sisters, keep involved, but don’t get caught up in it. Happy trails to you.

                                                           Aloha Nui,

                                                          Tom Pyne