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From Mother Ruth

 On the the reality of reincarnation:  It was obvious that Jesus and his disciples also believed that a person might come to earth in a physical body more than once, as shown in Matthew 11:14, 16:14 and 17:13; also in Mark 9:13.  Some of the early church fathers apparently did not agree with this and so shut out that teaching from the Christian churches.  Not only have the churches omitted certain teachings but, which is worse, have become intolerant of others who believe them.  Too often ignorance leads to pre-judgment, or in other words, “pre-judice’, which may be human enough, but should be kept to oneself, not promulgated.

Jesus does not personally leave all his other work to appear to one person.  No one knows how the Lord can appear to numbers of people all over the world, and many at the same time, but he is not contained in a body.  He is a Spirit and is not confined within any form or place.  Spirit is everywhere and can flare up here or there, without moving or diminishing the central Source.  In other words, all of him does not come, but he sends some bit of himself.

Everyone who seeks long enough will eventually find, all in different ways, some in visions, some with a change of heart, some will be divinely inspired speakers or healers.  Some may have found him in a previous life and only need a bit of cleansing to renew that state.  Others may be preparing now to enter the Path in a life to come.  Somehow Spirit knows best what the soul needs, and how and when.