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Dear Family,
Spiritual initiation is always more than you hope for, never what you expect. Illumination is real, not taking place in some far-off heaven, but manifests physically, in your physical body, and in the physical body of the earth.
Our spiritual Teacher, Earl W. Blighton, known to his students as Father Paul, received a number of messages from the Lord Jesus. Guidance from our Master, Jesus Christ:
“I say to you, that the day of the new heaven and the new earth are near…”
“Illumination is not just a matter of your receiving some light and being able to see it. Illumination is a matter of receiving Light, and then letting go, and letting go, and letting go, until your complete body is full of Light; until you have so much Light that you can never see darkness.
There is no such thing as too much Light, or Illumination which doesn’t have Light…”
As we draw nearer and nearer to the conception of God, the mystery veil of darkness is drawn to the side, and the Light of the Christos seeps through to destroy the illusion, and we come into the full Illumination of the Christ.
The extreme simplicity of it brings many questions. Christ Light is that Light which illuminates every man; it makes it possible for the life force to function, bringing into focus in our consciousness, the desires, thoughts, and ideas of the Creator, our Heavenly Father .With the assistance of proper spiritual exercises and a true acceptance, this work calls forth the true Light which enlightens every man and woman coming into this world. It was stated by Jesus that this Light is the Light of man, for man.
Guidance from our Master: “For the ways of God, our Father, are many and mighty, and he looketh not upon the poor, nor the rich, nor he who has just been thrifty; but, he who stands with the Light of Christ stands as though he were armoured against great attack. And true it shall be, that my children shall light the way, and they shall be given greater Light…
God bless all in this Holy Season of Rebirth

Excerpts from classes by Father Paul
I’m here and I’ve got the mission, and I know it. And of course I knew that years and years ago, that the teachings of the New Testament and science had to be taught together in order to bring the unification and peace to the world. I knew this….”
I was also informed long before the order was ordained that there would be a world congress in this country which would unify the countries of the world. This I was informed of, and a number of other things. And then there were other things came that were proven by the actual acts, things that nobody knew about.
Student: there are different legitimate orders on this earth. It seems to me that if they are all acting as intermediaries from the divine work of the great Creator, they must all stem from one order.
A: Yeah. The Order of the Golden Cross. The overall picture of the Way of man’s spiritual evolution. This was named — and I don’t know where it came from, I haven’t been able to find out as yet, but someday if I get some time, I’m going to go out somewhere and find out something about it. Because I’ve asked many people about this and we’ve done quite a bit of research, and there are very few references to it; but there are references and they are from different sources, but no explanations. But they are a long way back, a long way back.
In fact, from all indications I would — and this is my assumption personally, it is not checked, understand — I believe they stem from the days of the land of Mu and Atlantis. This is where I would say they stem from, which is about twelve thousand years ago. Because I think this was the reviving element that was brought to earth by some of the Brothers in order to — an all-encompassing action in the various channels, you see.
Now, there’s a thing that you must understand and that is very strange, and that is this: it doesn’t make any difference whether you’re Catholic or Protestant, a Jew, a Gentile, a Mohammedan, a Buddhist or what you are. And it’s something like the fact in the United States, when you get up here, the Democrats and Republicans sit down at the same table and they figure it out, you know? That’s really the truth.
But in an ecclesiastical field there are world conferences under a title, which I won’t give except for its name, as it’s called. And the one representative from each world church and order is present at those meetings. And they figure out what should be done in order to counteract certain things in the world
and how to help the advancement of the individuals. This is a very concrete fact, and I know this. In other words, Buddhists, Christians, Mohammedans, Jew and Catholic, sit down to the same table…

Q: (?) … adapt to the people they’re going to help…?
A: Oh, yes, they adapt, but they don’t change the basic elements, you see. The same elements are there. … It’s just another name, that’s all. But you see now we have many churches where they didn’t before. So we have to carry the connotation of the churches in order to work through the church structure, you see. Does that answer your question? … It is a catalyst, that’s true. It is a catalyst. And it will also introduce, before it disappears, some ramifications of the basic truths which will be promulgated in the new age.
One of the most outstanding of all things which we are, should we say, bringing into reappearance, is the bringing of women into the priesthood. This is a distinct and radical addition — not addition, reappearance, I should say — of something very old. That’s one thing. And then joining together of the ancient wisdom with the New Testament and science, three great elements which support one another.

As a matter of form, Dr. Sam came to us early in the formation of these things and started teaching the New Testament from the Hebrew, out of the Hebrew Testament and translation, and we talked and he said he would be very glad to be with us, and I said, “Well now, Doctor,” I said, “I appreciate this greatly, because we have thoroughly enjoyed your discourses.” Because he took the Testament and went chapter by chapter through it. ..
Jesus, Master of the order

Now Jesus laid down the Way. It was the Way for that two-thousand-year period, pretty near. But now listen well to this: we are extending Jesus’ way, and this will run for another one of those periods. There are some things that have a new facet to them, a different application, perhaps a shorter application or a more profound application, but we are extending Jesus’ Way. We have picked up that Way. We have said it and we will project and mark out that Way. And that way in which we travel and what we do and what we say will go down in the history of mankind and in the Testament, will form the pattern of the Way that these people will have to travel to reach their attainment and the way, preparing themselves for Above.
We are already carrying the Light in a realistic way that they can see. We are teaching the combined truths, of science, the Testament, and so forth. These are the truths and we are bringing them together, the ancient Truth with it. So we are marking the Way, and we simply say “the way in which the Holy Order of Mans teaches this”, or “we teach this”. But be cognizant of this fact: this is the extension of Jesus Christ’s statement and the Way, and you are borning it; and the millions that come after you will be exposed to it.
Nothing more than just what he did then, but which a lot of it was combed out by the famous theologians and other people that didn’t like some of these things. But now we are reviving the ancient truth and we declare it in our declarations and strivings. This is the Way of the Master. And it is extending that way into the future to guide human beings on their path. …. So we have taken on the job of producing his body, his being, his reality here on the earth. ….. We have merely become the extension out of the other level of vibration into the earth for this.

Pray before beginning the exercise: “in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Hosts above, Let the Law that is written in my heart carry out and complete the function of this exercise. That I may prepare this vehicle to prepare my body and mind as a better servant to the Master of this Order.”
Results of the exercise: I know that these new exercises will contribute much to the improvement of the physical body. The effect upon the blood alone is a very wonderful thing. If each one of you could have your blood count taken by a specialist at the present time and then have another count taken six months from now, you would be astonished at the improvement in the blood count. This means that our blood will be of such good quality that so-called germs of infection can hardly attack it, and every organ and part of the body will be made younger in action and in tissue, firmer and more positive in its nature than in the past. This means an improvement in the actual condition and functioning of such organs as the kidneys, bladder, intestines, the stomach, the heart, and the lungs. But time will demonstrate this to you better than anything I can say.
Now for the coming week:
Sit down and relax and draw a so-called invisible curtain around you so that you are enclosed within a special place; but after you have been in concentration for about 10 minutes and have succeeded in developing a sense of separateness and enclosure around you, proceed to think of one color of the spectrum at each sitting.
If you select red as the first color, then after your ten minutes of concentration, and after you have apparently enclosed yourself in a field of magnetism concentrate on the thought of changing that magnetic condition into the color of red so that there will be a red aura all around you, just as though you were being painted in a red light.
Now do not expect this color, or any other color you may select, to become highly brilliant or think of it becoming even brilliant enough for you to see. You will probably sense a faint shade of the color you select, but it is not for the purpose of making you see this color that the exercise is given, but rather to make you feel it. That is the important point. After holding in mind the thought that your entire body and the space around you for a few feet are composed of the vibrations of the chosen color, you may bring the experiment to a close.
During the time you are thinking of the color, however, you will sense peculiar vibrations of a different nature than you have felt before. The tingling and vibrations from the magnetic field around you should move up and down through your body very lightly but very definitely. You may not sense them the first time you try the experiment, or perhaps even the second time, but you will before the week is over.
These vibrations will be cooling, peaceful, quieting to the nervous system, and yet leave a sort of tonic effect that you will feel for hours after the exercise.
For your second sitting the same day choose the same color as you used for the first sitting; but when the second day comes choose another color, such as yellow or blue or green or orange, and concentrate on that color for two periods sometime during the day. The third day you may change to another color.

The colors that you should choose are as follows: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. These six colors can be used over and over; that is, after you have finished with the sixth one, you can go back to the first one, but use only one color each day. This will keep you busy and bring interesting results, and before this week is over you are going to sense very pleasing effects from this exercise.
Throughout the coming week try some experiments of creating electrons or vibrations around you in your room formed out of thoughts of happiness, joy, peace, and health. Do not allow a single thought to be expressed in your room that is unkind or destructive, and in this way build up for a few days and nights a room charged with happy, healthy vibrations and see if you do not notice the effect upon you.

A Mystic Decodes COVID-19
Hello! Magazine’s May 2020 issue features Hindu Teacher Sadhguru in their cover story. The interview gives us one mystic’s perspective of the current pandemic, and implores us to rethink how we have structured our lives and societies in the face of emerging challenges.
From a spiritual perspective Guruji, how do you feel the pandemic has asked human beings and human ecosystems to ‘reinvent’ the way they exist and co-exist?
Sadhguru: Now animals are saying, “Let’s make the planet great again!” Peacocks are dancing on a Mumbai street. From Punjab, Himalayan peaks can be seen for the first time in twenty years, as the smog has cleared. For a long time, we have infested this planet, slowly taking the life out of it. Every other creature on the planet is terrified of the human virus.
Humanity should take a 3-week break every year from polluting technologies – all machines off. This break can be made use of to turn inward. If everyone uses this time to upgrade themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and in terms of their competence, we would be living in a fantastic world.
The virus is slowly bringing mortality home, into everyone’s minds and hearts. Once you see that you are mortal, you will naturally put your life in order. I don’t want to make comments on people’s lifestyles, but many times it amazes me. Once I was in a mall in the United States and there were twenty kinds of instruments just to trim your nose hair! So this is the time to rejig our life and see: can we live with a little less? If you make it a law, it becomes ugly, but if it happens consciously, it is wonderful.
If you had to pen a few lines where this virus ‘speaks’ to us all on ways to reinvent…right from our mindset to recreating our reality, what kind of speech would this virus make?
Sadhguru: …Its intent is not to kill you but to find a new habitat to live. It is just that it lives so virulently that we cannot withstand it and collapse. But scientists are estimating in a few months’ time, the virus will mutate itself into a milder version, so that it can easily live in our bodies. So the virus is not interested in teaching you anything. But this situation is making people conscious that they are here for a brief amount of time. The very soil you walk upon is also the body that is so valuable to you. If we realize this every moment of our life, we would definitely tread much more gently upon this planet.
In our Indian societies, we somehow rally together during crisis time – a younger generation will go out and wait in grocery lines to bring groceries home for the extended family. In the West, where individualism is rife, it has been observed that older people have little care infrastructure. A diplomat friend says the elderly who live alone have been ill prepared for such a pandemic. Do you feel the West will realise that individualism has limited appeal at some stage and in some circumstances?
Sadhguru: Don’t imagine that every young Indian boy or girl is ready to pick up groceries for you. They are doing it because the economy compels it. Two or three generations ago, a family meant you, your spouse, children, parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents – a single family may have had 300-400 people. One important aspect to this was the economic binding in a family; one head of the family controlled all the economic power, so everyone stayed together because otherwise they would be destitute.
Today everyone can go out, or even work from home, and earn money. There is no economic binding anymore. It is not just about the West. In India also, as more economic wellbeing comes, people will opt to live alone more, because they cannot stand anyone. Today, family means husband, wife and children. If parents are very sick, sometimes they can visit you. Maybe in the West it has gone further; now a family is just one person – either a man or a woman – with a child. And people beyond a certain age are being left to fend for themselves; even those in community homes may get medical care but not necessarily an atmosphere of inclusion.

We must be sincere enough to admit that human families and societies are still need driven. If there are no needs it will fall apart. This is why it is very important to form a conscious society, where everyone is there by choice and a deep sense of inclusiveness. Many families still enjoy this but many are losing it, unfortunately…

Excerpt from our Spring Equinox Ritual:
We have again arrived at the time of Easter. Once more we have reached the Great Cosmic Drama of growth, and the descension of the Solar Christ in all power into the matter of earth.

We celebrate the mystic birth at Christmas and the mystic death and liberation, and now we celebrate the life impulse from the Cosmic Christ which entered the earth last fall at the fall equinox and came to the mystic birth at Christmas time.

Which performed its wonders of magic – the fecundation of the seeds planted.

In the months between the autumn and the present Easter time, the life spark of the seed is liberating itself from the cross of matter, to rise again; reaching toward the throne of God the Father, clothed in the glory of spring, ready for its physical manifestation and activities of the summer season and its fruition and maturity.

The spiritual ray sent out by the Cosmic Christ each fall to replenish the smoldering vitality of earth, is about to ascend toward the throne of God the Creator, reaching up in their many forms toward his first born Sun.

At this time of year a new life, an augmented energy sweeps over the earth with its irresistible impulse of the spirit through the many arteries and veins of the earth and its living body.

Infused by its Lord and Master Jesus Christ.

Inspiring and instilling new hope and new ambition, washing away of the old errors and starting anew.

We are impelled to the activity of reaching toward God the Creator, that we may learn the new lessons in the school of experience.

Consciously or unconsciously, we will reap the benefits of the outwelling of the invigorous impulse of life in everything that lives, in the plant kingdom, in the animal kingdom and in the kingdom of humans.

Once again we seek through the multiplication of the many life forms of earth, to glorify a higher state of consciousness of the Creation of God.

Once again, through the wonders of the transformation of the elements and minerals and forces of earth manifested physically change the waste of forms past and dead, in the rebirth of new forms to come.

Into the wondrous bloom of the gardens, of the fields, and of the forests.

The most insignificant element, now has its opportunity to manifest and gain greater spiritual consciousness, in cooperation with its Laws of Creation, and the other elements of earth seeking new manifestation.

This Cosmic Drama which has gone down through the eons of time at this point of cosmic evolution with its material effects brought about from the Christos under the four cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, is the most significant occurrence at this spring equinox.

Brothers and Sisters, once again we see the words that the Master gave to us, through nature in all its glory, to bring forth the great truth, “In God we live and move and have our being.”

…Brother, Brother, follow hence!
Ours the wild, unflagging speed!
Through the outer walls of sense,
Follow, follow where I lead!
Love and hate and grief and fear—
Tis the geocentric dream!
Only the shadows linger here,
Cast by the eternal Gleam!
Follow, follow, follow fast!—
Somewhere out of Time and Place,
You shall life the veil at last,
You shall look upon my face;
Look upon my face and die,
Solver of the Mystery!
I am you and you are I—
Brother, Brother, follow me!
John Neihardt (author of Black Elk Speaks)