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O Great Nameless One, Thou who has created all of this earth, which is but a small part of Thy Being, Thy Mind, for as we open our hearts to Thy Love, we beseech of Thee that Thou wouldst send release upon us, through Thy Son, and the Spirit; the Holy Spirit, carrying the love of Thy Being to us, so that we may surmount all material imperfections.

This is the opening prayer of our Order’s Healing Mass of Mary, and a prayer that can be used by anyone ~
The only requirement for this healing presence is to embrace the love pouring out from our Mother. Within her love, we seek forgiveness for our many imperfections, and feel and know we are in the presence of our brother and Teacher, Jesus Christ, and in the company of the Archangels.

…For Now cometh the healing love of our Father on High, like the sprig of the tree carried by the dove to the Ark of Noah, for it bringeth peace unto thee like the love branch of old. For now all nature is responding to the love of God within thy body and the healing force through the law of our Father in heaven has begun its work…

May you visit Mary’s healing shrine within the heart, and be comforted by her overwhelming love.



The vital component of healing is the mind, engaging the body through the heart.

From Father Paul: Book of Activity class November 24, 1973

Please be seated. I pretty near did what I sometimes have to reprimand you from doing. I pretty near overslept.
“All of these things do I say,” (this is the tenth chapter of Activity) “and it shall be in this day, for those who have received the Light shall be like a carpet before thee. And thy way shall be lighted by the eternal lamps of thy brothers and those who seek the ways who are among the elite.”
They’re very pretty, the words, yes, but there are several things here which probably did not come to your mind. For in this day, right now, that same passage, “for in this day”, shall apply twenty years from now. “For those who have received the light it shall be like a carpet before thee.” A carpet is something that you use to protect your feet from the earth. It is something that you use to decorate the earth with, for anyone to tread, to walk on. And it is also something which is used for the false layers of earth which you walk on every day, and that is the floors of a building.
For man is always conceiving of ways to take those things which nature has already done and build them into edifices, (come in) – build them into edifices which will, (that’s all right) – edifices which he can use for various purposes.
“Thy way shall be lighted by the eternal lamps of thy brothers and those who seek the way who are among the elite.” That means one thing, that you not only live today and that your light does shine, but you are lighting the way for those who are not yet known unto you. Life is a peculiar thing. It impregnates matter, and there is some forms of matter which hold life and energy. And those of you who have been on a station someplace in this country, who have been part of the living matter that is becoming the center of that station through which the light is coming and through which it is radiating out unto the surrounding area around you, may not have known it at the time, but you were setting up the center through which the light was coming to many thousands of people. There has to be not only life, there has to be light and there has to be will in order that light will move toward a specific point and be sent out from there. And your will that sends that out is your personal willingness when you are at that station or brotherhouse, your willingness to serve in that simple way of wanting to send out to the people around you, and to the city around you, the light which will bring again in return the added life to maintain their being on the level in which we are functioning.
Light is a strange thing, for, in one sense, because it once has started to flow, if you keep your own mind properly attuned and if you truly want to from within yourself, not just because you are told to but you want to, and you are, you have learned not to hang onto things. This is one of the important parts of learning, to let go of all things, because then it becomes a part of your automatic mechanism, like moving your legs or breathing or any of these other things. Once you have learned to do this automatically because you, from the depths of your heart and your soul, are giving because you want to give, not because we said you should do this in order to attain realization or the light, but want to give just for the peace and the joy of giving, then you will be a perpetual functioning center for that light, and many things will come through it and you will be preparing and lighting the way for those that you have not seen, and for brothers that have yet not come unto this order.
For as you perhaps remember my saying more than once, the principle thing is to live there and give there and be there, willingly, joyfully, happily. Then you will be able to give without hesitation, without thinking about giving. And when you can give this way, then you are giving from your own being. Now it is not wrong to give in the beginning because you think you should give, because you should. It is not wrong to give because you are trying to be a good Christian and follow our Master. But the ideal situation and that which you should strive for is the perpetual giving so that you don’t even realize that you are giving. And when you attain that particular status in life, you have then become a true channel for the light of Christ, and it is then that you prepare the way for your brothers who are to come, and those that have come to earth, maybe recently, that have some years of living yet to do before they come into the order and go to work. And some of them perhaps are far, far away. And this is why, in this particular passage, the tenth chapter and the tenth verse, he calls it the eternal lamps.
We sometimes – and I have had brothers say to me, “Father, yes, I’ll go there and if you want me to I’ll do that. I’ll be there; but I don’t know, I can’t seem to communicate with these people at all. I pray and I bless them and I can do this, but I can’t seem to get my words through to them.”
Well, communication, of course, is part of it. Let me tell you something. One of the most powerful communications that exist are when you can let it flow through you and you keep your thoughts straight. I know people who are learning in this order that have got terrific power, terrific power, without control of their own thoughts and they’re not – some of the things they’re sending out are not so good. I would rather have you be totally dumb and let that power flow through you, and your thoughts be right, your desire to give be there, not because you are instructed but because you want to. And then you will have – then you’ll truly be a channel for the light of Christ and not only preparing and helping at that moment, but you will be lighting the eternal lamps, because that light will draw other lights, and this light which you send out will bring the great Lights of the Cosmic unto that area. For you are among the elite, the chosen ones of our Father, through our Master Jesus. And these are what the Old Testament speaks about, the handmaidens of the Lord.
Accept that your sins are forgiven, so you may arise and walk.

Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. -Lao Tzu

From our brother, Rev. James Kalstad (written September, 2020):

The Fall Equinox in the northern hemisphere is the Spring Equinox in the southern hemisphere. Day and night in both hemispheres are equal during this cosmic event. This is due to the 23.5 degree tilt of Earth’s axis and its Orbit around the sun’s ecliptic.

Astrologically speaking, the Fall Equinox occurs when the Sun enters the sign of Libra. Libra is the sign where the Sun is in its fall, Saturn is exalted, and Venus rules. The symbol for Libra are the scales, The key to the symbol is relationship and balance. It represents “Others”, in contrast to the Vernal Equinox, where the sign Aries focuses more on the individual. Thus; we are entering the inward phase of this great cosmic cycle of which we are participants.


Sacraments in the life of an initiate: Baptism

Baptism is really your first step of Sacramental Initiation toward Illumination. Just as John the Baptist came baptizing with water in preparation for Jesus, so is baptism a cleansing and purifying of your sight and speech in preparation for the coming of the Christ within you. It is also the opening of your spiritual awareness by the descent of the Holy Spirit.

We are not indoctrinating the child or adult with anything, or to any church or religion. We are consecrating the soul to Christ, bringing the person into the cosmic cause, the Christ consciousness, the Body of Christ. Baptism is the re-birth of the individual, the freeing from the past.

Baptism of a child provides protection under the guardianship of the parents, until the child is old enough to make a conscious choice. When a child comes into earth, it locks itself into a body and is born–takes a breath of life–and enters into the vibration of that body, which is made up of the flesh and blood of the mother and her experiences. Baptism clears away anything of the parents that does not “belong” to the child.

The father and mother present the child. . There is a blessing of the oil on the altar. Olive oil is used because of its affinity with the Christ force, and is the “fuel of the fire” of the Holy Spirit. Psalm 23 states: “he annointeth my head with oil…”

Water is also used as a symbol of purification and cleansing. The opening or awakening of the sight and hearing is declared by the priest or minister, then the guarding of the speech. James 3:2 declares, “if any man offends not in words, the same is a perfect man, and able also to bridle the whole body.”

The congregation joins in the reciting of the 23rd Psalm as a guidance for this soul in life. The minister then invokes the blessing of the Holy Trinity through which the baptism is made possible.

As an adult, the baptism is the same except that you do have a past of your own to be forgiven, so should complete a retrospection of your life and if necessary give a confession prior to the ceremony. You can receive baptism as an adult to make a commitment to enter into the Cosmic Consciousness for a life of service. You are
declaring “yes, I will receive and I will accept the Light of Christ within me, and I am endeavoring to become a part of the body of Christ.” Baptism requires a commitment to follow the Christ—in turn, Christ is making a commitment to you, to guide your steps along the great Way.

Each soul has a right to know of its heavenly choice. By accepting this re-birth, you become an intelligent traveler in this life, whose direction is forged after careful consideration of all other ways in which you might have gone. You are one who is following the direct and Divine calling, and Baptism opens the door.

God bless you in the great Reality.

From personal reminiscences of Father Paul, written down by Mother Ruth, about her first experiences in meeting him:
“I was full of questions that had been building up for a long time about my inner experiences, and had consulted a wonderful old swami of the Vedanta Society, Ashokananda, a saintly speaker to whom I sometimes listened spellbound on Sundays. But he had no personal advice for me, although the visit was rewarding. One or two others had also been approached for spiritual direction, but there had been no one who could tell me anything; so I went to see Rev. Blighton~
…Instead of my asking him questions, he began asking me if I had experienced this or that, and seemed to understand all about it. He also spoke of certain things he could bring about spiritually~

…Inevitably I began to attend services, which were now held at his small studio apartment at 760 Geary Street. Only a few faithful were attending during those first weeks, though the numbers began to grow. On the first Sunday only three or four others came. He was sitting near me while we waited, and at one point looked at me and quoted: “Ten thousand shall fall on thy right side, and ten thousand on thy left, but not a hair of thy head shall be touched.” He waited until past eleven o’clock for late comers, then looked at his watch and remarked, “We always wait thirteen minutes.” By this time all his remarks were becoming fraught with esoteric meaning for me. The words had a way of engraving themselves on one’s memory.

That Sunday I did something that a reserved and self-conscious nature would never have dreamed of permitting before – I went forward to be blessed, at his invitation to no one in particular, near the close of the service. He had set up a small sanctuary there, and I knelt face-to-face with a large white chrysanthemum in a vase on the floor by his feet, and this seemed symbolic of the Christ. As he put his hand on my head, a tremor of the Holy Spirit ran through him, and I could feel it through his hands. In the years of hearing about God, for the first time in my experience appeared a man who seemed to have an inside track with Him. Nothing he did was put on for show. Rather, he pared everything down to its bare essence, and it was REAL. He was real.

Though time was at a premium, nothing could have kept me from those services and classes. It was the closest contact with God one could hope to find on earth. Nor was he reaching into peoples’ purses. One of the first things that impressed me was that there was no passing of a collection plate, that mundane (if necessary) let-down which accompanies most church services. Instead there was a small basket placed near the door, but it was never mentioned, and the donations ran from a quarter to a dollar, or nothing, if one chose~

…One of those evenings after class, before I knew him very well, I was waiting at the bus stop on the corner to catch the bus home when Rev. Blighton suddenly appeared there. This surprised me, as he usually kept a group of people talking sociably after I left. He got on the bus and sat beside me. I was a bit shy about saying anything to the great man, and the only words I remember his speaking was when we passed the revolving orange ball of a “Union 76” gas station. He said, “I can’t go with you that way.” I didn’t ask what he meant, but pondered it, and have wondered since his passing if it referred to the fact that he would not be here in 1976 – as he passed from the earth in 1974.

It was a short ride. My home in the avenues was only about a ten-minute ride, in off hours, and he went only half as far, getting off after a few blocks at a rather newly-established spiritualist church called “Fire of the Holy Spirit”. I suspect his visit was more symbolic than otherwise. He always worked with symbols…”

Pythagoras by Manly Palmer Hall

Pythagoras treated disease by reading to patients certain verses from Homer’s Odyssey, but whether it was the words of the poem or the voice of the Master that possessed healing power is not recorded.
This Samian sage also advised the study of higher mathematics for those who were mentally or physically unfit, because contemplation of the orderly sequences of numbers would subdue the intemperate impulses of the soul and body. It may be interesting to note that Swedenborg is said to have become clairvoyant as the result of his addiction to arithmetic problems.

The research of Pythagoras in the therapeutic effect of music were revived after the war when experiments were made with men suffering from shock. The results were sufficiently positive to arouse considerable interest, and the subject is still under consideration.

Greek music was composed according to modes, and the Archon of Athens had enough faith in the occult power of the musical composition that a man could be exiled as an enemy of the state should he write a song in the wrong mode.

From the same premise they exposed various symmetrical geometric solids to the gaze of the sick, in order that the soul might benefit from the harmonizing influence of perfect proportion. This last method they had learned from the Egyptians.

Perfumes, incense, and various magical fumigations were also used for healing purposes. These were compounded with the greatest of care, and the odors were believed to pass through the nostrils directly to the brain. It is now known that the pituitary body is especially sensitive to fragrances, so further research along this line might be profitable. A French perfumer has created what he calls a scale of odors, similar to a musical scale, and claims to be able to compose harmonic perfume by this means.

Pythagoras of Samos (6th century B.C.) was initiated into fourteen different schools of esoteric religious philosophy. He traveled to India and was the only non-Hindu ever to be so honored as to be accepted into the Brahman Mysteries at Ellora and Elephanta. In his school at Crotona, Pythagoras taught certain of his more advanced disciples the systems of occult healing practiced by the priests of various eastern and near-eastern cults. I swear it by he who has transmitted into our souls the Sacred Quaternion, the source of nature, whose cause is eternal.

LIGHT I (from Tree of Life lessons)

Many people have written reams and reams of words about this subject; yet they have failed to even begin to delve into it.

Man has based all his work in studying the workings of the mind from a purely selfish way; meaning that he has had the nerve to think that the mind within him is his personal possession. However, we of this age know better.

In studying the mind we are studying the working out of the creative forces and energies of the universe, existent in man because it is man. This is what man has for generations called God. The empirical mind out of which all things come and to which all things return. To try and study the entire workings of this mind, would, to say the least, take a lifetime and then you would only learn how much you in reality don’t know.

In this lesson we will endeavor to study how man uses or misuses this mind in relationship to himself. This, of course, opens the first point of conjecture. Man, who are you? Where do you come from? And what is your function in this plane of manifestation?

The first thing to take into consideration is that until you’ve seen the SELF or the God Being within you, you don’t know your SELF.

Man has, for over millions of years, lived in this plane. Although the earliest forms of man were not as functional as this particular form is. But then it was not as necessary as it is now. For, in the beginning, man lived very simply. He used the earth to its fullest by living off the plants and animals put there for that purpose. He was very joyous and lived a long lifetime in peace. There was at this time no dis-ease. For man, in the simplicity of his own nature did not then nor does he now need to think. He needs only to listen and follow the guidance of the inner man.

But man is the problem child of the universe. He was given the power to create and to think. For in reality, your every thought is a creation in its own right. Man, once he began to think, found out that he could no longer live in peace with those around him for he began to think himself better than his neighbor. This was then against his own nature. Because, in the beginning he did live in peace within his own being and with the Creator. There is an easy way to say this in saying that he knew God and lived in complete faith and his every need would be filled. This man can and should use today in this time of turmoil and havoc. For it is logical to assume that if man’s thinking caused all this dis-ease in the world, it should be simple enough to clean it up by having man stop thinking.

This, of course, is proved scientifically by men who have for prolonged periods of time studied man when he is resting comfortably. The metabolism of the body smoothes out and a calm and peaceful air falls upon the room. Now mind you, I did not say asleep but in a state of relaxation. In the finding of one’s own inner being, this is of primary importance. The ability to sit in a state of refined relaxation or rest. This allows the functions of the body to slow down. In doing this you will find, if you are interested in trying it, that you will stop the process of thinking.

When you have really stopped the thinking process, look within. You’ve given up enough to let the light shine in. Then you can answer the age old question of, “Who am I?”

Man is a cell in the mind of God. That means that man has the opportunity and the access to all the intelligence in the mind from which he was created. You see by the grace of God all things of this or any other plane to which you wish to look to. In order to accomplish this, you must first find the inner man. This is accomplished by seeking the LIGHT. By this, I don’t mean the light of understanding, or other various things that man in his own hypocrisy has called this light. I mean just what is stated here, LIGHT!! It is very simple — before you can see something you must first have light. This is the presence made manifest in your own being of the power of God. Then, by consciously using this light or power (whichever you prefer) you can see the SELF. That part of God that dwells within you.

Science calls this a pipe dream and refuses to acknowledge this as true. But they agree that when a man is still, there is an increase of light around the body. They know that there is a field of electrical impulse around the body.

Schools of enlightenment have known and taught for years that an aura exists around the human body. This, in reality, is light…
(to be continued.)