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Peace is power. When resources spent on warfare and military threats are freed to spend on helping people succeed in life and have a chance to evolve past basic survival, the potential for peace in our country and the world is greatly magnified.

 When Jesus spoke to his disciples after the resurrection, his first words were “peace be unto you.” He then said “All power in heaven and on earth has been given unto me…” showing that the path to power is through peace.

 “People speak, not of real peace but a peace which is dickered for with the moneychangers, who trade for peace in the courts and in the temples, rather than working and accepting it from its source, from the Almighty. None of their peace has been very successful…

There is no place and no time now to trade for peace. …. It has to be within your minds and your hearts or it cannot be, for otherwise it will be the peace that has been in the past, which comes from the negotiations of man, and which is not lasting.” -Rev. Earl Blighton

 A Sufi Teacher (Murshid Samuel Lewis) once remarked that peace cannot be adulterated with “other” agendas: “peace with honor” etc. This is not peace at all. Mark and I are old enough to remember the irony of violent peace rallies, while the politicians pretended that more bombing would bring peace.

 In the Talmud:  Maimonides comments in his Mishneh Torah: “Great is peace, as the whole Torah was given in order to promote peace in the world, as it is stated, ‘Her ways are pleasant ways and all her paths are peace. ‘”

 There are many people in the world working actively for peace. They are going to turn the tide.

 “Just as a mother would protect her only child at the risk of her own life, even so, cultivate a boundless heart towards all beings. Let your thoughts of boundless love pervade the whole world.” –Buddha


From Father Paul: (taken from various classes)

As Jesus came to us and experienced the great Initiations that we might be brought into his Light, so also did he experience them for the fulfillment of the pattern of the Host and so those things which had been prophesied would also be fulfilled.  For in this he gave unto the world those things which were necessary, as time moved on.

He reenacted the grand play of initiation in this earth, in order to bring about to the conscious mind of the masses the forgiveness and the ladder, Jacob’s ladder, the ladder to heaven.

Question from class:  And this was the initiation for the illumination for the whole earth?

This was a demonstration of the initiation.  It is the same as – I have a man here who is a past Master, and he’s having his consciousness of this brought back to him. He’s very rapidly accelerating, and has gone through these experiences again so that he can teach.  Except that Jesus did it in a greater way.

Take into consideration the whole human race.  If you went into some orders you would go through ceremonies and act parts in plays, so to speak, in the temple, that would demonstrate some of these things.  You wouldn’t have any spiritual experience, necessarily, but you would see the enactment of the plays.  Back in the time of ancient Greece, these same things were enacted. All of the teachings, pretty nearly, were given in the form of plays.  Here’s where our opera and stage plays come from, you see.

When Jesus went into the Garden of Gethsemane, or into the desert to pray for forty days and forty nights, he experienced the great aloneness, the great crucifixion in reality.  Of course, the actual crucifixion was held on Golgotha, but in the desert he became crucified of the Spirit and was tempted, and then he found himself alone in the world:  this is the next step.  Then the crucifixion came, then the ascension.  Now these are all parts of the initiations, the solar initiations.  He experienced them all and went through them all, but he went through them consciously, and didn’t have to, having had his own personal experience long ages before.  Therefore when he went through these things voluntarily, he did it for the people of earth. Just as a master Teacher might take on somebody’s karma, if they were important enough, so he took on the world karma and transmuted it.  THE EARTH.

If you ask a minister somewhere what Jesus did, he might say, “Oh, he brought salvation to the people.  He is our savior;  he caused people’s sins to be forgiven.”  They leave out the earth entirely.  Well, people couldn’t have had any experience if the earth had gone kaplop.  It’s absolute inconsistency.  You have to get  used to thinking just as it is, taking both the unseen and the seen together.  “And for those who sat in the region and shadow of death, light has dawned.” (Matt. 4:16)  The Path has been illumined, you see.  Now, this doesn’t say anything about understanding, or all the other alibis that people can think of.  This spells it out, and there could be no mistake.

Question: What is the meaning of the crucifixion?

At the crucifixion the Master gave his blood and  allowed the Christ, the personality of Christ which he had taken on at the baptism, the whole power and personality he took on was then emptied into the earth through his blood.

What does that mean?

Well, in the blood of man is his experience, deposited in the soul – the experience, the vibrational patterns.

What was wrong with the physical condition of the earth?

The vibration of the earth’s atmosphere and the vibrations here in the earth were in such condition that it needed just that.  He brought the atonement.  He wiped away the past from man and gave him a new break, a new start.  He paid the supreme sacrifice, in other words.  Don’t forget, a thing doesn’t become a reality on earth until it is both a pattern made in heaven and then manifested on earth.  I use the word “heaven” as meaning “the upper level of vibration”, higher frequency.

We approach getting acquainted with Jesus as a very difficult thing, because we feel we’re reaching about five miles into the atmosphere someplace, trying to grasp into something.  Well, that isn’t where it is;  it’s right here.  And if we can simply say to ourselves, now I’m going to talk to Jesus, and just talk to him.  Say, “Jesus, Master, I’d like to ask some questions.  What about this problem of mine?  How do I get rid of it?  How do I do this?”  You know, you’d be surprised.  If you expected an answer, you’d probably get one.  You might even see him.



In the previous lesson we learned of the Creative force and the power of the spoken word.  This gives to man a choice and control of his life, which we will learn of in the lessons on the Law as taught by Jesus in the Second Level Lessons.

In the lesson on the Creator we are actually covering the ACTION brought about by the God force.  This lesson is the covering of the “WHAT HAPPENS” in the dense material which we handle everyday.

By observation of denser matter and condition the World is in today, you might have guessed by this time that the Creative power has been abused.

This having happened necessitates the presence of a Mediator, or, if you prefer, a Medium.  What is a Mediator?  It is a person who is the go-between, the channel.

In order to clarify this word, let us see what Webster says — “something intermediate; a middle state or degree; an intervening thing through which a force acts or an effect is produced; any means, agency, or instrumentality.”

Our first scripture reference is First Timothy, Chapter 2, verses 3-5:  This is good and it is acceptable in the sight of  God our Savior.Who desire all men to be saved and to come to the TRUTH.

For there is one God and there is one mediator between God and Men, the man Christ Jesus.

The situation in the world as it stands today is that all planes of consciousness need an   awakening.

The VITAL FORCE which is Divine and should be manifesting itself through man is absent.  Sin is transgression of the Law; it is also ignorance of the Law.


When man, who is also spirit, violates the Law, the spiritual state of Mind is disturbed.  Man’s denial of truth and acceptance of ONLY the apparent has caused the ADAM state of Mind to manifest….then death, which is a chaotic condition.  A false state of consciousness swoops down over the creation and lulls it to sleep, KNOWN IN VERY SEVERE STATES AS DEATH.

The divine Son of God must then become the Herald, the Messenger of the Mediator.  The Herald shall declare, “Arise and Shine, for the Glory of the LORD is risen upon the Earth.”

The Mediator seeks and saves that which is lost.  He is the divine Humanist.  Paul said that the Mediator is between God and Man…the man Christ Jesus.  Christos translated is to be interpreted, “the anointed Savior”.

Once we are fully aware of our Creatorship, we begin to Mediate between Light and darkness, between the apparent and the real.  This is not saying that the dense world around us is not to be mastered and worked with but it does say the Law is changeless and eternal.  Also, that the cause of what is apparent is the Law working through the Mind and the pronounced word by man, given by the Creator.

Paul says in First Timothy 1, verse 8,  “Now we know that the Law is good, if anyone uses it lawfully…”  Understanding this, that the Law is not laid down for the just, but for the Lawless and disobedient.   The Children of Earth today are disobedient, that is why all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God.

The Mediator, also called the Son of righteousness, with healing in his wings, therefore brings into manifestation the Law.  The infallible Law, therefore, changes the atmosphere from a nega- tive cycle to a positive cycle transforming Heaven out of Hell, since Paul says, “be ye transformed by renewing of your Mind.”   We must, therefore, come to the Consciousness that the Mediator uses Mind in operation of the Law.

The Science of Man teaches that Mind is the Father, that the Body is the Son, and Spirit is the Holy Ghost.  Therefore, the Godhead itself, manifesting physically, becomes the Mediator.

Jesus says,  “I and the Father are one.”   “I go to prepare a place for you and I will come to get you, that where I am you may be also.”

Though the Power operates through the Son of God, which is man’s physical body, it is still another form of Mind.  For mind is the primal will for good, the operator of the Law.

Salvation is the cleaning and the perfecting of your individuality through Christ, the anointing.

We are the congregation of the Earth, gathered in the outer court of the Temple of Life, and the divine Man the MASTER.  He who has become enlightened and perfected is the High Priest, after the order of Melchizedek.

Read Hebrews Chapter 7.  While reading, keep in mind the following, that you may yourself understand better:

  1. Know that a real order of Melchizedek does exist, and that in this chapter is described many things about it. 2.  Our bodies are the temple.  3.  Our will and personality the Lamb of God for sinners slain.4.  Our hearts the Altar.  5.  The Law operating through us is the High Priest.

By enlightenment of Mind, strengthening of will, singleness of purpose can we save and unite the World, the entire cosmos, through Jesus Christ the Way Shower, the first among many brethren.

Christ must, and is returning. The return of Christ will be complete; the return of Law and order, peace, joy, justice, love, and compassion.

The divine Self will reconcile us to the infinite Law of Cosmic Creation which up to this time has been accursed and cut off.

The key which makes you one with the Mediator is the manifestation of the Christ Mind in you.  The Christ Mind is the anointed Mind, the perfected Mind:  the mind of the Father through the son (flesh).   That is why Paul said,  “Let this Mind be in you”…..”which was also in Christ Jesus”,  who walked not after the flesh but after the spirit.

In conclusion, to be comely Minded, or as the Science of Man teaches it, to be Lawlessly Minded is death.   But to be Spiritually Minded is Life.

In ADAM WE DIE.  But by Christ we are made alive.

From Mother Ruth:[1970]…I was shown a multitude of people, thousands packed together with their faces all upturned to one Being on a large platform placed at a higher level.  He was a huge giant figure, many times larger than human size, and this was all the crowd knew of the Lord Jesus Christ, and they were looking up to Him with a great need that was heart-rending in its anguish.

The back of His figure was all Spirit fire, having no form, but the crowd could not see that.  In front he had developed a thick layer of clay in the form we know as Jesus, and this had been caused solely by their gaze, for the longer they looked at him, the thicker grew the clay about him, until by now the coating had become about two inches thick, and it was hard for the fire to get out through this.  The clay was all they could see of him, and they had made this themselves.

The fire within was becoming weaker with age and with the growing resistance of the clay, but it was still present, and once in awhile an invisible flash from the fire would travel out over the crowd and touch someone in the multitude, according as his great need or faith drew it to him.

I stood on the platform at his left, near the front edge, but I was in human size.  Due to my position at this vantage point, I was the only one there who could see the flame behind the clay.  The others had to go on pure faith that there was anything behind their clay god…


What playing music has to do with the happiness of the forest. In that peculiar and recurring way indigenous wisdom has of anticipating the discoveries of science, the folkloric traditions of many first nations across Europe, North America, Japan, and Russia hold that lightning strikes mushrooms more readily than other organisms.

Paul Stamets observes that we now know this to be true in measurable ways that contour a measurable evolutionary advantage — the 50,000 volts of electricity a log incurs when struck by lightning greatly stimulates the yield of the shiitake mushrooms growing on it.

This is where Stamets’s deduction gets interesting: Before lightning strikes, thunder sounds — a rolling tide of low-frequency waves unspooling from the horizon. Having had hundreds of millions of years of evolutionary training and triumph by harnessing the elements and the environment, mushrooms would want something to awaken them to the impending rain event in order to get ready to absorb the water and electricity so beneficial to their propagation. Low-frequency sound waves, under this hypothesis, act as a warning bell — a mycelial clarion call for duty.

Stamets reflects on the deeper undertones of this interdependence:

Nature is always listening via mycelium. Mycelium is like strings on a violin, strings on a piano, strings on a guitar — these are filaments that are sensitive to vibrations.

Sensing these low-frequency sound waves, the mycelium begins “responding with joyous, bountiful nutrients” — compounds that nourish not just the fruiting body of the mushroom above, but the entire forest ecosystem–which is undergirded by a complex mycelial communication network carrying simple electrical and chemical signals between trees and other plants. The healthier the mycelium, the happier the canopy, and the more plentiful the flowers and berries beneath it.


יְהוֹשֻׁעַ  The name Joshua literally means “Jah liberates”  The cosmic order is fundamentally liberative.  It has an irresistible tendency toward the manifestation of freedom.

In the human heart, this tendency is a continual urge.  It is the basic motivation of every normal person.  We hunger and thirst for liberty.  For freedom we sacrifice everything else; and if we are ignorant, we believe we can attain freedom for ourselves by enslaving others.  Yet the ignorant and the wise are basically the same, because the realization of perfect freedom is the common ideal of all men.”  –        Paul Foster Case,


From Father Paul     letter in HOOM newsletter, 2/27/73:

We are drawing nearer to Easter and the Lenten period of worship and adoration and I just wanted to leave you with one little thought as you enter into this period, both historically and through the celebration of the solar year, that not only is this a church holiday, so to speak, but it is an earth holiday, a holiday of all religions, all philosophies.

For like unto the Easter’s death and rebirth so does man experience this not only in a cosmic way, but even in his path of initiation.  And as he receives the Light and Realization and is reborn—for this is his true regeneration—and the rebirth of our body starts, takes place, for here too is another bright note:  for Jesus said of all:  These things which I do so shall ye do also.  And I say unto you—as you do go through the rebirth and look forward, there is another bright spot:  the Ascension, the victory over death.  This too is a prize you should strive to attain, as did our Lord Jesus Christ.

For our Lord renewed the realization of this initiation of the Lenten period on earth, although this is not being taught in the conventional churches of the world.  Onme of these days they are going to be very surprised when some of these new attainments or realizations, should we say, of man are brought into the eyes of earth.

Are not the gifts which our Lord has made possible for us certainly of a glorious nature?         -Father Paul


 from What Christ?  What Peace? [Christ is speaking]

“And now the world must face its Armageddon.

But he who holds the standard which I raised,

Even though he be a minority of one,

Finding another one who is like himself,

Can save the world—they and Me together;

For even a few so gathered in My name,

Can bring about the greatest of miracles,

That is, if I be really Lord of Heaven,

That is, if I am an example to the world…”

Were I to visit earth? Why not reve

And invite the earth to come to Me,

Follow Me to My heavenly habitation,

Take of the cup and table spread before Me?

Then, verily, could I minister unto the world,

Then could I teach the mysteries of the heart,

Then could I spread the blessings of that peace

Which hearts and minds and bodies are now seeking.

Mankind must rise above binding mentality,

Learn more about the nature of true love,

That bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit,

And in your flesh you surely may see God

Who is your very being and your life.


As with the flow of blood within the body,

So is the course of love throughout the world.

The psychic blood is purified by breath,

And as such is the overtonal nature of the blood.

That it also can be healed by the Divine Breath,

By the Holy Spirit which permeates the world,

Which is the common breath for all mankind,

The nexus of the union of God and man,

Obtained through Christ, the Universal Saviour…


Inside the halls the delegates are discussing subtle subjects,

Inside the halls interpreters sweat in mutual confusion,

Inside the halls there is an impasse on procedures,

Inside the halls the reporters are hopelessly at odds;

Outside the halls the children play together regardless of their ancestry.  –Murshid Samuel Lewis


 “When I am grappling with ideas which are radical enough to upset grown-ups, then I am likely to put these ideas into a story which will be marketed for children, because children understand what their parents have rejected and forgotten.”— Madeleine L’Engle

Song of Peace – from Finlandia

Words by Lloyd Stone, music by Jean Sibelius

This is my song, O God of all the nations

A song of peace, for lands afar and mine

This is my home, the country where my heart is

Here are my hopes, my dreams, my holy shrine

But other hearts in other lands are beating

With hopes and dreams as true and high as mine

My country’s skies are bluer than the ocean

And sunlight beams on cloverleaf and pine

But other lands have sunlight, too, and clover

And skies are everywhere as blue as mine

O hear my song, thou God of all the nations

A song of peace for their land and for mine