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By Mother Ruth, written regarding Father Paul and his work:

“The seeming closure of his work does not delete the patterns that were set for posterity, nor the work that was completed on an inner level which will continue to bear fruit in the souls of those he touched.

If spirit could be perceived by physical means, it could be explained, as even the sixth sense of intuition is not too difficult to understand.  But who has seen or photographed the Spirit which resides within every person?

Is there any way to bridge the gap in understanding between the spiritual and the intellectual?  It is easy to accept the views of the practical scientist, because he deals with the realm of matter, which is experienced through the five senses, and we all have those.  Some also have a sixth sense of intuition, which is common enough to be appreciated.

But those from the realm of material science who have tried to test certain spiritual matters have failed, not because nothing was there, but because they themselves lacked the ability to see, and because they were using material means to discover that which is much finer and far beyond the realm of matter or the human brain.  By their very negative and skeptical attitude they blocked out what might have been evident to someone with spiritual sight or insight.  And their very attitude negated what might otherwise have been revealed or experienced.  So then they turn against and try to destroy what they cannot understand—as has been happening since the beginning of time.”


“Those who were half-hearted, and unwilling to stand up and face a large and hostile world, have retreated to the numerical safety of older established churches, (which in the early days of Christianity were also called “cults.”

We live in a materialistic world, and must try to adapt to that, to the majority way of thinking and acting, because anything counter to that, esoteric ideals, become suspect.  Anything which is ahead of the times is not accepted by the masses.  Its teachers are rejected in their lifetimes, only later to become heroes.”