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“I am a string in the concert of God’s joy.”


“I contemplated man’s little spark, what it should be valued before God alongside of this great work of heaven and earth.”


“A Christian is of no sect.  He can dwell in the midst of sects and appear in their services without being attached or bound to any.  He hath but one knowledge, and that is Christ in Him.  He seeketh but one way, which is the desire always to do and teach that which is true….He wisheth continually that the will of God might be done through him and that the Kingdom might be manifested in him.”

Jacob Boehm   The Aurora

  The body, says Plato, is the sepulchre of the soul.  All creatures in whom the higher nature is in servitude to the bodily impulses are properly termed dead, inasmuch as Truth is dead within them, having no way of manifesting itself.

Plato   The Republic

 I have made bright the Truth which Ra loves.  I know that He lives by it…It is also my bread.  I too eat of its brightness.  I am a likeness from His limbs, (and I am) one with Him

Akhnaton  circa 1355 BCE

  “Doing good to others is not a duty, it is a joy, for it increases our own health and happiness.”


“I learned to walk; since then have I let myself run.  I learned to fly; since then I do not need pushing in order to move from a spot…Now am I light, now do I fly; now do I see myself under myself.  Now there danceth a God in me.”

Zoroaster  circa 1100 BCE