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During the course of our studies in which we cover the Philosophy, the Tree of Life, and the Tools of Man, as well as the study of the New Testament, we learn many things of the Creation of our Father which are very beautiful and very useful in our life.

The thing which I find missing in our studies is something which the Testament story of our Lord Jesus does not adequately describe.  It gives us the outer man Jesus.  It gives us the teaching which he tells us to abide by.  But unless we look quite closely and quite deeply within ourselves, we miss the great beauty and great reality of our Lord and the Cosmic reality of his mission.

In theology this would be termed his bringing the atonement to man, to earth.  But this atonement is not just the forgiveness, for in this forgiveness there lies the rebirth, and this is like the child being born into the physical world and opening his eyes for the first time.  Likewise those who acclaim our Christ and come into his Light, his atonement, for you might say that the atonement is a term which encompasses the entirety of what Jesus accomplished for man and earth.

It is only when we receive his Light and truly cherish it, watch over it, as we would a brand new automobile given to us, can we really appreciate the new life.  This is the life which is clean and the old life has passed away.

It is only when we feel this, when we realize the greatness of the gift, that we can truly kneel before the altar and open our arms, truly knowing as we do so that we are giving this body, this physical body, to our Lord Jesus to be put in place in the great body of Christ of this earth.

Knowing that He will find some small use for it, and that through this we will find great joy and our fears will pass away.  Sept. 1971