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Creation comes into being from Saut (Sound) and from Saut spreads all Light   -Shamas Tabres

In 1934, Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd immured himself near the Bolling advance weather base somewhere between Little America and the South Pole.  There alone in a small chamber dug into solid ice he spent four and a half months in solitary confinement making scientific observations for the benefit of mankind.  But in his book he admits that he had long desired to find some remote corner of the earth where he could mature his philosophy.  This was his coveted opportunity.  In his diary for May 11, he wrote:

“12:15 a.m.  It is late, but I just had an experience which I wish to record.  At midnight I went topside to have a last look at the aurora, but found only a spotty glow on the horizon extending from north to northeast.  I had been playing the victrola while I waited for the midnight hour.  I was using my homemade repeater and was playing one of the records of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.  The night was calm and clear.  I left the door to my shack open and also my trap door.  I stood there in the darkness to look around and at some of my favorite constellations, which were as bright as I had ever seen before.

Presently I began to have the illusion that what I was seeing was also what I was hearing, so perfectly did the music seem to blend with what was happening in the sky.  As the notes swelled, the dull aurora on the horizon pulsed and quickened and draped itself into arches and fanning beams which reached across the sky until at my zenith the display attained its crescendo.  The music and the night became one; and I told myself that all beauty was akin and sprang from the same substance.  I recalled a gallant, unselfish act that was of the same essence as the music and the aurora.”