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Father Paul:  Lesson on the Soul:

“And in one sense, we might say that God is everything—that everything else is not; or in other words, the very opposite of all material things in the universe.  This however, would only give us a negative picture or concept of God, and not a positive one.  We must have a supernatural, or what I would call a super-rational, sense in order to understand.  The only way that this is possible is by coming in contact with the consciousness through the Soul, and we will begin to understand the Creator in this way.  The Consciousness of God, therefore Cause to us, we feel an at-one-ment-ness with Him.

Because of the difficulty of understanding the involved phrasing at first reading, I would say that you should not try to remember this, but it will come back to you.  This is the way of the Spirit and its intellectual reality.

Let me give to you something for you to meditate on:

 You, the Center at which all things meet

And which stretches out over all things,

So as to draw them back into Itself—

I love You for the extensions of Your body and Soul

To the furthermost parts of Creation,

Through grace, through life, and through matter.


The Lord Jesus, You who are as gentle as the human heart,

As fiery as the forces of nature,

As intimate as Life itself;

You in Whom I can always meditate upon

I can always melt away into, and with whom

I must have mastery and freedom—

I love you as a world, as this world which has

captivated my heart.

It is you, I now realize, that my brother man,

Even those whom do not believe,

Sense and seek the magic immensity of the Cosmic,

Through the reality of soul-being.