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…Words that we hear frequently sometimes lose their meaning and the great spiritual depth that lies behind these words seem to become dimmed in the hoary halls of time.

Our blessed Mother Mary:  the two most outstanding attributes of her personality which of course were the foundation of her long years of total devotion and selflessness, are the attributes of compassion and love.

The word “compassion ” from the standpoint of its folk use is a sort of tolerance which allows the individual to overlook and still love the other individual.  But this is not the important thing in compassion.  For the true reality of compassion is the last part of the word–passion.

In Mary our Blessed Mother, we have a great passion:  so burning, fertile, that its multiplication has encompassed all of mankind.  For Mary strives to bring the sinner, the wayward one, to her Son, whom for so many years not only she, but her mother also, was prepared for this one great purpose:  the birth of our Lord Jesus.  While she was here on earth and even sat at the foot of the cross and saw her son crucified (which was to be and she knew it before she had given birth to him) she also knew that this being was so great and had risen to such heights that mankind would not be able to readily reach the consciousness of his great and loving heart.

Therefore, through the aid of our Father in heaven she reached the pureness of the Fire and Spirit which permitted her to rise to a place of vibratory level and consciousness just above the earth plane so to speak, between man of earth and the consciousness of her Blessed Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, and with the great passion to bring those of earth who truly sought– but whose consciousness had been dulled, that they could not quite reach that level to be able to get a glimpse of the magnificence of his being–this draws humankind up so to speak on another platform of consciouness from which they can reach to the Blessed Master and gain fully the atonement which he gave to all mankind, if they would follow him.

In this act of lifiting our hearts and opening our arms and heart to Mary, His Blessed Mother, we are receiving and being lifted toward her and through receiving her consciouness we are able to reach our Lord in reality and thus gain the full atonement, which he went to Calvary for.

Many people who have not been schooled in the deep mysteries of the heart look at the statues and see the heart symbolized, and feel this is a strange and unuseful reality.  But actually the symbolization of the heart is referring to the heart center which the mystics of the east also spoke of, and which the ancient teachers and wise men all strove to use, and through the heart on the upper level of spiritual reality and consciousness comes this burning fire of passion, the passion of selfless existence for the atonement of the errors and sins of the human race.

For Mary strives also in so doing this to bring woman kind to the fullness of her spiritual reality and act as the cosmic mother of her children.  In recent years Mary has been sort of forgotten about and in many places church politics has sort of taken her place.  But we will not criticize: we will beg man, both layman and church man to look again at the great reality of the cosmic drama, for it is not just a play but it is the way which our Lord spoke about in the New Testament.

I am not saying forget our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ:  but those who cannot or have not reached him before open your hearts and your souls to Mary and accept her aid in reaching him and to glorify our Father in heaven.

This is my Christmas gift to you as true brothers in Christ seeking the great cosmic reality of being the carriers of the Light of the Christos and becoming a cell in his body.

Merry Christmas,   Father and Mother Blighton