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Dear Friends,

The Holy Order of MANS touched lives in so many ways that went completely unnoticed.  I wish to share one of these with you.  An acquaintance of mine, Larry (I’ve changed his name in respect of privacy), was diagnosed with prostate cancer a few months ago.  Larry, in the 1970’s, and 1980’s and 1990’s, worked in Northwest Portland.  Larry lived in North Portland and every day of his professional career he would walk to and from work, which was about a five mile trek each way.  When it was time for lunch, Larry would make another short walk to the Wheel of Fortune Restaurant, run by and staffed by the brothers and sisters of HOOM, where he would order a bowl of soup and a piece of bread, (I don’t believe he ever ordered anything else off the menu).

The Wheel went out of business in the 1990’s, which brought an end to his pattern, and Larry eventually retired from his job.  Larry was not a religious man but did have “spiritual” values.

I met Larry several years ago which is how I learned his story.  When he received his diagnosis he was graceful and determined to deal with it.  When I offered to pray for him and put his name on my altar, he was thankful and sent me a message which stated “when I first started eating at the Wheel I was taken aback by the clerics and the seeming religious theme of the place, but then I noticed how bright and shiny these people were, and realized that this was a spiritual place and my eating there was just one part of how I was being nourished.”

In my travels in HOOM I came across the original recipe for the famous Wheel  of Fortune herb bread which was baked fresh every day.  I made a batch of it recently and sent some over to him.  His message back to me was “I enjoyed it, and it brought back warm memories for me.”  Larry faces some tough medical issues ahead, but to offer comfort to him with a piece of bread, touched my heart and soul.  As we celebrate the harvest let us remember, “The harvest is plenty but the laborers are few. “   Please keep “Larry” in your prayers.

-Donald Slakie

When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don’t throw away the ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer.

-Corrie Ten Boom, Author of The Hiding Place


From Father Paul – The Christos – August 8, 1968

Tonight we’re going to discuss the Christ which many people have gotten much misled about.  The term “Christos” which has been used for thousands of years and still is by the various faiths of earth…all acknowledge the Son of God as it is spoken of originally this as being the center of Light–so does science…but there is one thing that they have not acknowledged:  this is the three different aspects of that Being, and the power flowing from it, and the nature of it.

…This is a very real, live and dynamic subject.  It is the source from which your life comes, the life force.  It is the source from which you personally are able to grow.  The plants gain their nature and their growth from it;  all the vegetation, the animals, and man.

You might ask the question if we were sun worshippers and my frank and honest answer is “Yes, we are.”  Because no Christian can be a Christian without being a sun worshipper.  Can you truly be a Christian without worshipping the Son of God?  Likewise, we find the Kabbalah where it spells out the son, both the Son and Sun.  And there is no mistake of interpretation here, because the nature of the Hebrew words would not warrant any misuse or misinterpretation.

In defining the nature of the Sun and what it can do–as long as this discussion could be kept on a theological basis strictly, you could go on with it for a long time, but when it gets down to the plain, cold, hard facts of what we have found in science, then it is necessary to start talking facts and what we have found.

We say the sun gives us light and power…It gives us ultra-violet through which we grow and the plant vegetation grows.  With the ultra-violet is carried several octaves of other force which most of the instruments of today do not yet register fully, but we have every confidence  that there is force and vibration here of a wave length in nature that we are not able to understand as yet from a technological standpoint.

We do know that which we call Chlorophyll that makes our plants green–that there is a definite return toward the sun.  The core of the Sun acts as sort of a vacuum and this keeps the chlorophyll in the atmosphere in action and it helps to purify our air and make it breathable.  Even here in San Francisco and sometimes even in Los Angeles, it gets decent.  We have not only understood it theoretically but we have photographed it and we have checked its motion, and there is a very definite flow here and it is also in a corkscrew sort of motion like a spiral.  And this goes back toward the sun.

And there is a force which comes from it which is decidedly like a carrier wave in a radio broadcast or over a telephone line…and this is distinctly another type of force.  We have not been able to fit it in a category because of its fluctuating wave length.  And many of the things which it does would not be able to be accomplished by ultra violet.  Now there is an ultra violet which we can see–or rather, we see its alchemic reactions and note that it does certain things.  It will give you a sunburn if you’re out there on the beach too long.  And it will also cause the plant to wither if the sun is too strong…along with that we find there are traces of a kind of x ray energy.  We can’t quite put our fingers on it, but it is there.  Then if we turn back to some of the ancient teachings we find that the sun was always acknowledged–and this is a rather embarrassing situation after the Christians have for so many years condemned other people for being idolaters because they worshipped the Sun….so sometimes our new children because they’re only a couple of thousand years old sort of get off the beam and don’t understand.

Why don’t they understand?  They don’t understand because they still have been worshipping something which they thought only applied to heaven and not to earth; something which they did not place any cognizance to every day in the week; something which they felt was a very nice philosophy and perhaps a very good insurance policy.  In other words, as one man said to me one time, “Well, I’m going to accept God although I’m not convinced of it.  And I’m not even convinced that it works, but it’s good insurance anyway.  If it’s right I’ll be sure to have acknowledged the Old Boy when I get there.  And if it’s wrong, well I haven’t go much to lose anyway.”  Now this has been the general attitude of a great many thousands of those who went to the Christian churches and were brought up in Christian homes, not literally from their acknowledgement but through their actions.  Because they did not carry the principles in to their daily life.  In the first place, most of them never learned how to pray.  So it is impossible for us to be vindictive of them and we wouldn’t want to anyway.  But this is the cold hard facts of the situation the way it lies..We find that the cell is always fed from the core or nucleus thereof.  And that this energy and this power comes from there…We know the atom is fed from there and we know the molecule is fed from the center in its nature of the power and force.

Therefore it is almost impossible to accept anything else but that the entire life force of this universe comes through the Sun.  Now it does carry special, particular type of vibration which has its attributes…the lack of sunshine is highly detrimental to the individual, to growth of plants and animals…

It has always been acknowledged by the ancient Teachers that there were certain steps in evolution or degrees of initiation–all of the great mystic order accept this principle which has been promoted and which many of us have experienced…The illumination is talked about not only by ourselves, by Jesus Christ and by most every avatar and every great Teacher that this world has ever known…

About two years ago I started to write something about the New Age and since I started to write it I haven’t had a chance to do anything about the New Age except bring some of the New Age kids in.  And they’ve kept me busy all the time.  I think I should have shut up and never read any of this to anybody.  Because ever since I first read this, it just seems that I’ve been busy working on it rather than writing it.  This I’m happy about. 

Reading:  Jesus of Nazareth was a Christed One.  He did give over his body to the Christ Being, the aspects, the projected consciousness of that individual..It is the faith that is in the four books of the Gospel which was written in simple words.  Many great truths are written in simple terms if you can accept the immensity of God in His care of His creation.  And this is something we fail to recognize.  The  care with which the Creator laid down the laws so we couldn’t possibly get hurt unless we violated some of them…

The Christ Being was only able to plant the seed in the three years that He was here.  This is the Christed One.  this vibrational pattern was planted in the earth’s spiritual body so that it would be a part of the earth’s atmosphere and would thus affect the mass mind of all…The preparatory work which was done by Christ is evidenced in his statement in the Gospel of St. Luke, when he says that mankind must first become fully ripe for the reception of an entirely different principle in his soul growth.  Now, in this age, this day, we must remember that what we have been talking about was in the past age.  In this time due to the great physical changes taking place to and in our earth, the currents of the earth are vastly different and more powerful.  And as a result a great change is taking place in the faculties of man since the appearance of the Christ was taken on by the Master Jesus on earth…the Christ element is present now for man’s use, and he does not inherit it from his mother and father…it is present and felt now in our earth…the New Earth becoming.

It comes from the Sun…not what you see, but the spiritual Sun.  That part of the sun’s rays you do not see… Christ Jesus said “only through me shall ye see the face of the Father”  That was the Christ Being speaking..

The Christos is the Lord of the Sun.  This is the Son of God.  Jesus was a great Master who came to earth on a mission.  That mission was to salvage the earth through the action that he went through so that man might complete his evolution here.  This is what happened on Golgotha and through the resurrection and the ascension.

This is all part of the same thing of one of the initiations, except it was enacted in real life.  This is the only difference which was an all-encompassing, selfless act.  That he brought his release of error and the release of crystallization from the earth.  Released it so it could be lived on.

A man needs to say to himself “I will understand how to allow this love to flow through me.”  Then I say and will understand the words which came from Calvary, when he said “Father, into Thy hands I commend my spirit…” In this opening up, what men formerly received as wisdom now takes on the nature of the soul force motivated by the Christ principle and thus gives the eternal life.


There are many quotations in the Testament and some of these are very potent and they refer directly to this particular work.  Ephesians: And to know the love of Christ which surpasseth knowledge that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.  Awake, Oh sleeper and arise from the dead, and Christ will give you light…”not in the way of eye service as men’s pleasure, but as servants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart…”A crooked generation in which you shine like stars in a dark world and prefer the words of life: thus you will be my pride in the day of Christ, proves that I did not run my race in vain…”

The one thing that I want to bring out here more than anything else is that the great Lord of the Sun, the realizing of this great Being, is part and parcel of the path of Illumination.  And this will not be as difficult now as it was in the days of long ago.  Because this is the Christ Age.  This is the day of darkness which surrounds the earth in the ninth hour.  And now we are crossing the great abyss, as it is spoken of in the great initiations, which is one of the great solar initiations.  And we need this Light for our spiritual and physical protection that we may live out our cycle of life and be here when the peace shall reign for a thousand years.  Jesus said If ye abide in me and my word abides in you, ask whatsoever ye will and it shall be done unto you.  And there is no stronger statement to be found anywhere in the literature of the world, and there is no statement that receives less attention.  But those that know and use it know that it is based on the exact scientific principles, and it works.

This is not to live just a good pattern of life but to abide in these three principles of Christ.  It is to actually live in the Christ consciousness and every part of the mind and soul is permeated through and through with the life force and the fire of this Being.  You are then in a world where things are absolutely mastered by the Spirit, will, and mind, and is spiritualized and that responds perfectly to the power of the will which cometh and motivates from the Self in full action.

 Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary.  Adam sinned through the disobedience of one woman; Christ Jesus cancelled out the Fall through the obedience of the woman who gave him birth.  Like Adam, Jesus was tempted, but he overcame.  It is through the work of the Christ that man is restored to the Divine Life lost through sin and error.

The perspective of time gives us an advantage concerning the life of one whose words have resounded with power and authority throughout the centuries.  He has changed countless lives and the governments of nations, but he is not responsible for the regrettable deeds perpetrated by nominal “Christians” using his banner to excuse acts of violence or hatred.  Were his teachings truly followed, peace would prevail.

He taught us, during his brief sojourn, all the laws and principles our present civilization would need in every area of life, and through his acts performed the greatest of all alchemy which transformed the earth itself.  He is our High Priest, though never joined to any sectarian priesthood.

He was a composite individual, the man Jesus living as the mortal human, while Christ was the divine immortal Spirit.  Jesus in his life reiterated a pattern of spiritual attainment which all people pass through to some degree according to the level at which they are functioning.  There is the birth as ordained by the Hierarchy and one’s previous training, the preparation for a new way, the rebirth with John the Baptist, the ministering to others, the crucifixion, death, resurrection and ascension.  What he went through physically, a spiritual aspirant would experience symbolically, in one lifetime or another.                                    -From The Story of Jesus

                                             Rev. Mother Ruth Blighton

The ancients used the sky and the seasons’ changes as both clock and calendar.

On the Comanche National Grasslands at the very south-eastern corner of Colorado exists Crack Cave, formed when a large boulder broke away from the bluff.  Inside, numerous petroglyphs decorate dark walls.  With extremely clever artistry, the etchings illuminate by the sun only two times a year.  the entire ‘show’ lasts from eight to twelve minutes and draws awe-struck crowds.

Another significant structure is located in Chaco Canyon arid valley in New Mexico. Fajada Butte rises nearly 148 yards above the canyon floor and is known to contain a solar marking site that records the equinoxes and solstices. The structure includes three slabs and spiral petroglyphs, which cast shadows and shafts of light to indicate the cycles of both sun and moon. According to tradition, Fajada Butte is sacred ground. Probably constructed by ancient Pueblo Indians, Fajada Butte may have been the center of a complex society of pre-Columbian culture and the site of celebrations and native ceremonies.


Sacred sites abound built by American Indians, Canadian Aboriginals and Indigenous Peoples worldwide. A recent discovery of just such a site has been unearthed in Virginia, the 12,000-year-old Spout Run Paleo-Indian site in Clarke County.

The site features three concentric rings that align with the equinox sun, according to landowner Chris White. But recently he and local archeologist Jack Hranicky made another equinox-related discovery: a triangular rock formation topped by two footprint-shaped petroglyphs that appear to align with the sunrise.

“When stood on, during the equinox, the sun causes a halo effect over the person standing on the prints,” Hranicky told the Clark Daily News. “This is a new major feature.”

He said its 105-degree alignment with the autumnal equinox sun as it crosses the Blue Ridge Mountains make the 12,000-year-old site’s original inhabitants “Virginia’s first engineers,” the newspaper said.

Science of Mind: Healing Affirmations:  Colds, Influenza and Grippe

Those who calmly announce that they are “very susceptible to changes in the weather,” have accepted whole-heartedly the mental impression that the weather is a determining factor in whether or not they experience “colds.”..Mental conflict also cause confusion, and confusion may cause colds… the very life of God flows freely through you.  Every breath you breathe bespeaks your eternal alliance with Life…

A conviction that the God within sustains us now and at all times, in perfect health, will bring peace.  And we should eliminate from mind the duration, symptoms, and frequency of colds, thereby removing a pattern which we no longer wish to use.  We should consciously harmonize ourselves with everything and everyone about us–with people, the weather, with God and spiritual perfection.

In colds, congestion, influenza and grippe, the thought to heal is confusion.  There should be a consciousness of poise, a recognition of peace; when this comes into the individual’s experience, he will have fewer colds.  More colds result from damp spirits than from wet feet.  When we fear and resist the weather, we chill, not from the winds and rain, but from our own coldness of heart.  We should claim our dominion and power in Spirit.  Spirit is not subject to heat or cold.



Holy Order of Mans

O Creator most high, I, the messenger of thy Lord Jesus Christ, have tried this day to bring his word to thy children.

Imperfect as I am, I beseech Thee to absolve me of my errors and misgivings so that the Light of Thy first born Son may radiate to this entire community through me.

I ask Thee, O Master Jesus, for Thy personal guidance and wisdom that I may be a better servant on this day to come.

I accept of Thee a perfect body–every organ perfect, every function perfect, every process perfect, if it pleases Thee.

It is done.

I give myself unto Thee that I may rest in peace and rise to go forth in full vigor in Thy service on the morrow.



You are of the water.  Seek Me to dry thy waters,

For I am the Fire of thy waters, to make thee whole.

I am the snow sliding down the mountain when the sun begins to shine.

I am the stream of water rushing as it melts.

I am the brooding stillness over the mountain peaks,

I am that calm in the midst of a storm.

I am the face above the mountain top when the stars have ceased to shine.

I am the Life which bursts all bonds, embracing thee and passing on,

Leaving My eternal Life in thee, that where I am henceforth thou also art.

Leaving my eternal life in thee,

That where I Am henceforth thou also art.




When you go beyond the Light, there God is.