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Thanks to my friend and Light Being for writing our opening letter:



As I look around my space I am drawn to notice the quantity of light manifesting items there are.

Lamps: floor lamps, hanging lamps, table lamps, under counter lamps, ceiling lamps….

There are many, many candles of various types and sizes and scents.  There are night lights and twinkle lights, both indoors and outdoors.   And best of all solar powered string lights for the garden!  Solar / Sun, yes!

I have been bringing in the light all this time and now I have this Ah Ha moment: this is a metaphor to  illuminate the interior space, bring light to the darkness, to dispel and indeed prevent darkness.

We all look forward to the return of the light during the darkness of winter, even as we settle into our beds at night, we look forward to the morning light, we delight in the beautiful light show created by sunset and sunrise.    As children we seem naturally afraid of the dark.  Makes sense when you consider where our souls just came from.

The space we seek to illuminate is our own hearts, our own souls, our interior.  This is the most important place to bring in the light is it not?  It is the light within us that lights the way.

So ASK.  Ask and it shall be done.  Bring the light into your heart, mind and soul.  Let it shine, brighter than it ever has. This world is needing us to light up, step up, illuminate, share, help, pray, BE light.

I think of the many ways Jeshua used light as examples in his teachings. Wasn’t he referring to himself? The Ultimate light. The Brightest light.  THE best light.

The more light we hold, the more light we can hold. What a beautifully replenishing system.

So, to resurrect and paraphrase an old saying (forgive me) ….let’s tune in, turn on and drop IN.

Plug in to the unlimited supply of light and love.

Shine on.




“Easter Son Rise Services”                       April 18, 1968

Like the women at Jesus’ tomb, people have been going to church for 2000 years to anoint a dead body, even though it is true they have done so with costly spices, and with love.  And there in the church, as at the sepulcher, they have been told, “Why seek ye him here?  He is risen.”, and they have ever been amazed, as then, at the miracle; but do they really hear?.

Now, shall we not go forth, as they were instructed then, not merely to honor the dead body, but to glorify him as One who lives?   One who may be met on the Path at any time, though not at first recognized as the Christ.  The stone has long been rolled away from his sepulcher.  Let us seek to meet and communicate with Him, and be in readiness for him in the present; for He does live now, both in and around us.  (Mark 16:1-8)

            Easter message, written in Pondering by Rev. Mother                                                    Ruth Blighton


From Father Paul:  Three Tidbits (undated, tape 1201)

The first one, is a topic, I call it Joy.  “weeping may tarry for a night, but joy cometh in the morning, when the sun breaks through the clouds, and a rainbow appears.”  By the uttermost depths of pain dwell the seeds of joy, which welleth up from within.  In digging a new well, it is only when the hardpan at the bottom is stressed that the unfailing flow of water begins.

The teacher doesn’t hold things long–he’s like a wellspring, bubbling with joy, like a fountain, where divine joy bubbles from within, and maintains perfection.  He says, happiness is a state of acceptance and nothing else–the happiness within the individual.  We make the mistake of expecting happiness to result only from things we hope will happen to us, good pleasant things.  Actually happiness is something we have to initiate:  happy-ness, not happen-ness.

Fasting too long of joy is as emaciating as going too long without food.  One would not exchange the joy promised in heaven for any that earth could offer, yet joy must also come about on earth in order that the heavenly joy may be full.  even though it be only simulated for now for the pattern must be formed in order to be fulfilled.  In other words to sum it up, if you want to be sad, keep a sour puss, but if you want to be glad, smile and (which reminds me of an old saying ) “laugh, and the world laughs with you”–it’s trite, but it’s nevertheless true.

I have the running mate for that one, which will cancel it all out, a little ditty on worrying.  Meditating on the nature of worry, and the one who was worrying, he appeared as a blindfolded, drunken dancer, staggering about awkwardly with ungraceful contortions.  Surrounding him was a company of uncouth unsavory appearing characters also dancing and staggering, but without blindfolds.  Not one would have been welcome in one’s home, yet these are the creatures we entertain and make room for when minds are in turmoil of uncertainty or fearfulness…a mind overcome by worry is not able to function normally.  Thoughts reel and stagger this way and that, while trying to function in a situation which requires all the faculties.  The blindfold must be removed, the motions stilled until composure is regained, and the dancers properly groomed for the performance.  Worry, worry, worry, worry.  Then let your thoughts return, and if they still don’t perform properly, fire them and get a new set of performers.

Deliver us from the shadow thoughts that darken the sun of happiness and joy.  Why should one gather suppositions and scraps of information to fabricate great tragedies in his mind?  Whatever house one builds out of his own thoughts he must live in.  Be selective in the materials used for as you think, so you create.  Oh, worry, worry, worry, worry, worry.  He who thinks in circles just chases his tail and never goes anywhere.  Worry, worry.  Worrying and cluttering up his mind with anxious thoughts on any problem only confuses the issue with a mass of negative images which cannot help the outcome.

Imagine that which you want to come true, and in any case lay the whole problem in God’s hands and let Him work on it for you.  You haven’t given Him anything to do in quite awhile. ..then lay it aside, put it in His hands.  Do not return to the problem until your mind is clear.  Why return to it anyway.  Who said you had a problem?

Here is another ditty.  Here’s a question that you oftimes get.  What is the real understanding of Ages and epochs?  Let me put it this way.  Cosmic astrology is the study of the anatomy of God.  The planets were named for gods and these were lords of the planets.  Astrology:  actually, the word means “discourse” or “speech of the stars.”  You are the creators of the future light of the universe.

Persons living at the time of Jesus, the great astrologers, all were aware that the New Age had arrived upon the earth.  This was indeed the Piscean Age.  They must have marveled of course, noting with wonder the influx of things Piscean in nature.  As we too have discussed the incoming Aquarian Age,  being demonstrated by airplanes, electricity and so forth, fascinating observations.  But how many knew the change of the New Age would hinge spiritually on a small informal group?  How many even knew to seek the manger of Jesus?

An age is one twelth part of a great solar cycle of about 26,000 years.  No wonder, by the time 2100 years have passed it is time for a housecleaning.  A lot of debris collects in that length of time; the encumbrances as old as the end of the Age sits and remembers, reliving what has gone before, and we are shaking it out and rolling up the scroll of the past, the karmic record of the centurys gone by.

The Aquarian Man bears a pitcher of water.  Follow him to the upper chamber.  It seems significant that the flowing water of the river has been used as a source of electrical power.  The Ages of cosmic epochs are Piscean, primitive Christian era; Aries, or the Ram epoch that’s the Mosaic era; Taurus epoch that was the Egyptian and Hebraic period.  Gemini epoch, the Edenic period.

I chose long ago to follow the star, a pinprick of light in the heavens…lighted of the ordinary light.  The star is a Sun when you come to it.  All things are begun, the stars where I follow is a long way, and I can see it from afar.  Jesus is known, and the great ones followed that star and came to him…


We are all alchemists of a sort, or growing toward that end, in that we must learn to transmute all the unwelcome things of life into something good and worthwhile.  Transmute the seeming dross into inner gold.


“The mixing place of forces.”  One can recognize the human vehicle as a vessel where mixing and transmutation takes place, where the forces of feeling, of thought and actions, combine for the refinement of the soul.  A dash of love, a measure of struggle and a flash of fiery enthusiasm, are all stirred together by heavenly intercession to purify the whole, while inner turmoil and effort brought by oneself and circumstances work with the striving toward further progress on the road to spiritual unfoldment. (from Pondering by Rev. Mother Ruth Blighton)

Good people,
Most royal greening verdancy,
Rooted in the sun,
You shine with radiant light,
in this circle of earthly existence
You shine so finely,
it surpasses understanding.
God hugs you.
You are encircled by the arms
of the mystery of God.Hildegard of Bingen

The sacred word HOM was supposed by the ancient Persians (who were among the earliest emigrants from Northern India) to be pregnant with a mysterious power; and they taught that by its utterance the world was created.  In India, it was forbidden to pronounce the word AUM or OM, the sacred name of the one deity, manifested as Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva….The Hindu word AUM represented the three powers combined in their Deity:  Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, or the Creating, Preserving, and Destroying powers:  Ah, the first; U or OO, the second; and M, the third.  This word could not be pronounced except for the letters; for its pronunciation as one word was said to make earth tremble and even the angels of heaven to quake for fear.”  -Morals and Dogma Scottish Rite.


Jesus as Spirit fire

…I was shown a multitude of people, thousands packed together with their faces all upturned to one Being on a large platform placed at a higher level.  He was a huge giant figure, many times larger than human size, and this was all the crowd knew of the Lord Jesus Christ, and they were looking up to Him with a great need that was heart-rending in its anguish.

The back of His figure was all Spirit fire, having no form, but the crowd could not see that.  In front he had developed a thick layer of clay in the form we know as Jesus, and this had been caused solely by their gaze, for the longer they looked at him, the thicker grew the clay about him, until by now the coating had become about two inches thick, and it was hard for the fire to get out through this.  The clay was all they could see of him, and they had made this themselves.

The fire within was becoming weaker with age and with the growing resistance of the clay, but it was still present, and once in awhile an invisible flash from the fire would travel out over the crowd and touch someone in the multitude, according as his great need or faith drew it to him.

I stood on the platform at his left, near the front edge, but I was in human size.  Due to my position at this vantage point, I was the only one there who could see the flame behind the clay.  The others had to go on pure faith that there was anything behind their clay god…

Received by RMRB

Medicinal Mushrooms: Maitake

Maitake, also known as hen of the woods, is a large mushroom native to Japan, North America and Europe. Often found growing in clumps around the base of oak trees, maitake can reach a weight of 50 pounds. Scientific study shows the extract of this highly prized edible mushroom may have potential benefits for cholesterol and blood sugar levels, immune function and cancer treatment and prevention.

Blood Sugar Maitake may help manage blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes, according to a study published in the April 2007 issue of the “Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology.” A polysaccharide molecule in maitake, called MT-alpha-glucan, decreased fasting blood sugar and insulin levels and increased levels of glycogen, a short-term storage form of glucose, in the liver. Maitake also increased the ability of insulin to bind to liver cells and improved pancreatic function. Researchers concluded that maitake may be useful for prevention and management of diabetes by decreasing insulin resistance.

Immune Function  Immune benefits of maitake extract include modulation of cytokines, molecules produced by white blood cells that activate the immune response, according to the University of Wisconsin Botany Department. Maitake exerts its effects by binding to the cell membranes of white blood cells known as macrophages and either activating or inhibiting release of cytokines. A study published in the Summer 2004 issue of the “Journal of Medicinal Food” found that D-fraction, a polysaccharide extract of maitake, activated several types of immune cells and molecules, including T-helper cells, macrophages and interleukins. Researchers concluded that maitake may offer immune benefits that help protect against infection.

Cancer  Maitake D-fraction may inhibit cancer development and spread and also make chemotherapy drugs more effective, according to Dr. Shari Lieberman, author of the book “Maitake Mushroom and D-Fraction.” A study published in the June 2011 issue of the “Journal of Medicinal Food” found that maitake D-fraction promotes apoptosis — programmed cell death — in breast cancer cells. Maitake extract interfered with energy production in cancer cells, a discovery which, researchers note, will help scientists target potential cancer prevention and treatment approaches.


Excerpt from class by Father Paul on knowing Jesus

…Now, if you really want to try-not try, but really do it, really experience it-meditate with the Master. Don’t set there and say, “Now, I’m going to meditate on Jesus,” and fold your hands or put your hands on the arm of the chair, or you get on your knees in front of the altar and say, “I’m going to meditate on Jesus.” Oh, pshaw. Reach out your arms as if you were reaching toward a very fine young lady or your mother or somebody. Reach up, throw yourself out, get away from yourself and what you think you’re going to do, because you’re not going to go and do it that way at all, never in the world. Let yourself go out. This is your last moment. There is just one hope and that’s him. Otherwise it is death. This is the way you reach Jesus Christ, and you’ll never reach him any other way. Until you know, until you are sure that Jesus is the only one that can bring you to the Father and that this is your only one that can bring you to the Father and that this is your only hope. That all the mental thinking and concentration and all the other things are merely extra tools for other things, but in this they can do nothing. “Jesus, accept me, let the power of the spirit come down upon me and give me new life.” For all your mentality and your mentalism, and all the beautiful thoughts that you can think is not going to do it. You have got to give yourself up. It has got to be a last ditch stand as if you were over in the prison, and that they were going to pull a switch and he was the only one that would give you the reprieve. That’s where it is and that’s what it is. It is a reprieve, and anything short of that is just a mental idea that you have created. A mental idea that you still want to do it yourself. You can’t do it. It won’t work. You can sit and issue all the prayers for hours, and all the work, the beautiful things that you want to say, and it isn’t going to do it, not a bit. Until you make that appeal for that last-ditch hope, you will not reach him, because you still, until you can do that, you still have your thing going. You still are doing it yourself. And that is not it, and you cannot experience the crucifixion until you are with him, truly. Now let us get away from the mentalism and get down to the basic realities.

After you’ve made it, after you are with him, then these other things have their place, and you see it. But until you are with him and can feel some of the things that he felt, that you can share some of the sorrow that he felt, until you can feel some of the glory and joy that he felt in the resurrection-and there is joy even in the crucifixion. This is something you wouldn’t quite understand, but that’s where it is. And in this holy season this is what we should strive to attain. And I often think, as I see someone trying to contact the Master, what he said. This is the secret of it: “Father, why hast Thou forsaken me?” His appeal. He wanted to make that move forward, that reaching out into the other world where his Father was. So he had to make the void between him and his Father before he could follow that path of Ascension.

Now let’s during this Easter season, this holy season, let’s put this to work and prepare ourselves for the days that are universally accepted. It doesn’t make any difference, maybe the man had made a mistake with the calendar, or one thing or another. That won’t make any difference. This symbol is there just the same and there’s just as much reality to it as if we had turned the clock back two thousand years, even if you were right there on Calvary; it’s just as real. It is happening, and this earth itself is going through and will go through a resurrection on those days, and the crucifixion. Because it will come to its illumination. This living body within our Lord Jesus Christ, every cell of its moving reality. This is the time to begin to work as people, not as mystics, occultists or anything else, but under the true ancient faith of the way of creation, to work hand in hand with Jesus Christ, to reach the great Christos above.

There is the Way. He said, “I am the Way,” and he meant that. This was not meaning that we should follow what he did. That wasn’t what he was talking about when he made that statement. He meant he had traveled this path before, and this was the path he was traveling again to leave a track, a track where the sign posts were on it, this way into the other world, into the other place, into the higher realms, if you wish. But by him passing this way he had left it open for us to follow. So if we did the things that he said, we would be able to travel that same Way that he did, because he had paid the price for it. “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” And just because you have had a flicker of light when you went through illumination, that isn’t the whole bag of wax, believe me. That’s just the beginning. That is just the beginning. Follow ye him. God bless you.