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Greetings & salutations, fellow Orb Riders,


May we pause to recognize the gravity of our situation.  On the grand scale, we have completed another circuit.  Congratulations on our orbit around our Master Ship, the Sun.  At this point in our revolution, we recognize the Equinox, the earth moving through a condition of balance in relation to the sun.

 So poised, so balanced, that none but Self can comprehend.

This comprehension is key to fulfilling our main mission here, becoming channels of Light, Life and Love.

Let us keep supporting each other on our quest to see the big picture; to let go of outer appearances and spread the Good News.

In the divine strength of our weaknesses and differences have we chosen to overcome darkness, fear and separation.  Together, we shall forge ahead in gratitude to receive and share the great gifts and blessings YOU have shown us.

Thank you Father & Mother

Blessings in Christ,                                     -Rev. Mark

If I should fly by in the wink of an eye, Don’t worry for me where I’m bound.         Beginnings and endings are only pretendings–I’ll see you next time around.

α Ω     αΩ    αΩ   αΩ    αΩ    αΩ    αΩ     αΩ     αΩ     αΩ     αΩ

The wound is the place where the Light enters you.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.                                                                                                 -Rumi


From Father Paul

The revelation of the Cosmic Christ has made our hearts more vividly conscious of how much we are bound up with our contact with things, the earth, the heaven, the great powers that be.  Now it is with added urgency that there echoes in our ears the voice that summons us to master the secrets and the energies of the universe, and to take dominion of it.  As God said in the chapters, first chapters of Genesis:  “And He gave man dominion over the earth.”  Well, if we had had a throne, we would have been pretty poor kings, because we wouldn’t have ruled over our dominion.  If the kingdom of God  is to come about, man must win the sovereignty of earth.  To establish the truth of this statement it would not, strictly speaking, be essential to define in what way the world’s progress toward perfection would be, whether natural or achieved through human skill, can truly contribute to the plenitude of Christ, since eminent progress is the nature of the soul, of the cosmos.

And since the cosmos is centered on the Christ, it must be accepted as proved that in one way or another, collaboration with the development of the cosmos holds an essential and prime position amongst the duties of the Christians–amongst the duties especially of the brothers of this Holy Order of Mans, for we are the channel for the eminent movement of the great cosmic powers to bring Christianity to Christendom.  It is in one simple movement that nature grows in beauty, the body of Christ reaches its full development.

Max Heindel, the Christian mystic, described the Rosicrucian temple as an authentic structure rotated and around the home of the European country gentleman.  He believed that this invisible building would ultimately be moved to the American continent.  These are things which have been done through culture.  But not culture alone can give this, but the real reality of our knowing, our feeling, our love–for that which we are doing, and that which we are doing it for.

Let us give just a slight rule-of-thumb definition of the archangels, for they are to guide and guard the activities of nature throughout the seasons of the year.  Let us say that Gabriel–he is an archangel–was guardian of the winter months.  He is also the protector of mothers and children, so is closest to the heart of the Blessed Virgin.  During the Christmas season they jointly bestow the blessings upon each ego who is to find an earthly home during the season of the year ahead.

Now let us take Raphael.  He is the guardian of springtime.  He is often referred to as the angel of the Grail, and is sometimes depicted as holding in his hand the holy cup.  Every mystery school inaugurated upon earth has been under the jurisdiction of Raphael.  He bears the most sacred teachings ever given in the mysteries, the teachings of the Holy Grail–which attained their climactic heights during the last supper of our Lord Christ–and many other, some other times.  And these tales, of course, you will receive in the work on the Grail, when it is brought together.

Uriel: beautiful Uriel stands guardian over the activities of summer.  The ripening of the grain and the flood tide of blossoming are under his guidance.  He also supervises the nature spirits, those fascinating little spirits who inhabit the elements of the air, the earth, the fire, the water, and who lend so much to the beautification of all nature.

The highest initiatory teachings belong to the new age, which will give to pioneers of the new race.  They are under the direction of Uriel, and they will be concerned with the exalted initiatory work that the Lord Christ will give to mankind, but not until the latter part of the Aquarius/Leo or Capricorn/Cancer dispensation will man be ready to receive these particular new initiations.

Then we come to that glorious one whom we know a little more of, and that is Michael.  Michael is the golden archangel who guards the autumn.  He is the second in power and glory only to the Lord Christ himself.  During the fall of the year, Michael and his hosts of angels work to purify the whole planet, both its inner and its outer realm, in preparation for the feast of light which occurs at Christmas, and which heralds the annual return of the Christ Spirit to earth.  Every aspirant who dedicates himself to the path of light comes under the protection of the archangel Michael.  This is true regardless of his race, religion or nationality.  So long as he remains true to this dedication, he will be under the watchful eye and loving protection of this great celestial being whose overshadowing will remain with him until he reaches the climax of the quest and is in complete at-onement with the eternal life.[end of reading]

Now, you know, as I sit here and I can picture this class in front of me, I know what the first question you’re going to ask me is–I’ve had it asked so many times about anything that anyone sees, or meets with, that comes from the other world which is less dense than that of our own.  You’re going to ask me, “How would you speak to them?  How would you know they are angels, or otherwise?”  Well, I’ll answer this again, and that is:  how would you speak to me if you met me?  Do you think you’d know how?  Well, try it the same, even though I’m not an angel; you’ll find they will speak.

This may, this discourse of, this part of the discourse may sound a little bit ridiculous but, believe me, after having counseled with so many, any being from the other world, we say, challenge it.  Yes, that’s right. But also speak to them.  Don’t sit there and expect them to do everything.  You have to do something in acceptance of them.  If you don’t accept them, they are not going to approach you and try to help you.  Now, this is a very simple fact.  You must become conscious of them.  And you say, “How do you do that?”  Well, just try it and see what results you have.  If you are in need of something, instead of running for outside help right away, just call on Michael or call on some of the angels.  Call a Brother and see what results you get.

You know if Johnny is on the other side of the city, you’d pick  up a telephone and call him, wouldn’t you?  If you wanted to talk with him or you wanted him to come over where you were.  Well, this celestial telephone that you have, the power of your speech and your asking for someone, you’re going to receive what you ask for.  And that’s what you will get.  It is that simple.  And that’s why it is necessary that you get acquainted with the angels, as that’s why it is necessary that you get acquainted with the archangels.

You see, they are more than just winged messengers, in your way of thinking.  They don’t only come to earth when the Father or Jesus has some message to bear to a particular person.  But they are here and help to keep things in order and to help the growth of plants and animals, as well as you.  And if you call on them, you are just a little below the angels–some say a little above–but anyway, you’re close enough in rank to talk to the next one in line, without any offense.  So remember, the next time you need a little help, call on an angel and I’m sure you’ll get some response, if you really know that you are being heard.  This is the lethargy? that you have to learn to overcome and try to do this and you will find many wonderful experiences through it.

This is Father Paul, wishing you a very happy conversation with the angels.


About Father Paul


To try putting into words the spiritual insight and experiences of those years [SOM/HOOM] would be to diminish them, and to reduce them to something much less than the reality.  Because Spirit comes from a finer level than anything the brain can deal with, these things can only be experienced, not described.  The Spirit can move and change things and people, but it cannot be examined by the physical senses.

That Paul was a great teacher and a great being–the most selfless and dedicated person I ever knew or hope to meet.  He followed guidance from Above in all he did, working to lift humanity to a greater spiritual awareness and experience.  His teachings were both Christian and universal.  He did not condemn other religious beliefs, but sought to teach the spiritual Truths which are basically the same in all religions.

His work was directly with people, seeking to develop their spiritual rather than their mental attributes.  May people were helped through his efforts, but I think his greater work was in laying a foundation and setting patterns for the coming age.  Whether or not the organization continues physically, the most important work was accomplished before he left, and it was set to endure.

To me, the order in it s original form was more than an organization or a group; it was a living spiritual entity, and as such its soul lives on.  If it could be called a “cult”, so could the group of early Christians who followed this same path.

He once said, “I would not dare to have an opinion.”  Neither can I state opinions of what happened after his departure.  Only god can know His true and long-range purposes…

The seeming closure of his work does not delete the patterns that were set for posterity, nor the work that was completed on an inner level which will continue to bear fruit in the souls of those he touched.

If spirit could be perceived by physical means, it could be explained, as even the sixth sense of intuition is not too difficult to understand.  But who has seen or photographed the Spirit which resides within every person?

Is there any way to bridge the gap in understanding between the spiritual and the intellectual?  It is easy to accept the views of the practical scientist, because he deals with the realm of matter, which is experiences through the five senses, and we all have those.  Some also have a sixth sense of intuition, which is common enough to be appreciated.

But those from the realm of material science who have tried to test certain spiritual matters have failed, not because nothing was there, but because they themselves lacked the ability to see, and because they were using material means to discover that which is much finer and far beyond the realm of matter or the human brain.  By their very negative and skeptical attitude they blocked out what might have been evident to someone with spiritual sight or insight.  And their very attitude negated what might otherwise have been revealed or experienced.  So then they turn against and try to destroy what they cannot understand–as has been happening since the beginning of time.

Those who were half-hearted, and unwilling to stand up and face a large and hostile world, have retreated to the numerical safety of older established churches, (which in the early days of Christianity were also called “cults”.)

We live in a materialistic world, and must try to adapt to that, to the majority way of thinking and acting, because anything counter to that, esoteric ideals, become suspect.  Anything which is ahead of the times is not accepted by the masses.  Its teachers are rejected in their lifetimes, only later to become heroes.          Rev. Mother Ruth Blighton

Medicinal Mushrooms:  Lion’s Mane

Lion’s mane mushroom — also known as “bearded tooth fungus” or “hedgehog mushroom,” (or hericium erinaceus in the fungi kingdom) — has become recognized as a powerful superfood for enhancing brain function and helping with a number of ailments, possibly even reducing incidence of cancer. You can find it in the wild in North America, Europe, or Asia, but you’ll also find it in many  supplements today. Its use goes back hundreds of years in traditional Chinese medicine as a tonic for supporting overall health and longevity.

One study showed that lion’s mane was effective for significantly improving cognitive function in those with mild cognitive impairment when taken for at least 4 weeks. Another study also demonstrated that lion’s mane can help preserve photographic and short-term memory.  It’s also suggested that lion’s mane is most effective when taken on a continual basis.

Over the counter (OTC) prescription medications are one of the first solutions offered for treating both of these conditions, but lion’s mane may provide similar benefits, without the unwanted side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. In fact, the NGF-enhancing action of lion’s mane that we mentioned above has also been shown to support the autonomic nervous system — the primary system involved in your body’s fight or flight response.

In particular, lion’s mane mushroom has been shown to reduce feelings of irritability and anxiety, which also suggests it may work for mild symptoms of depression.

Important Note: Lion’s mane mushroom may interact with certain OTC prescription drugs, including antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications, so it’s always important to check with your doctor before supplementing with lion’s mane.

Studies show that eating or supplementing with lion’s mane mushroom can help improve insulin sensitivity, and significantly lower high blood glucose level. This suggests that lion’s mane is helpful for managing type 2 diabetes and other blood sugar imbalances.

Lion’s mane has natural antibacterial properties that are strong enough to protect the gut against harmful bacteria, such as H.pylori. It may also be effective for protecting against other digestive conditions by safeguarding the gut mucosal lining by reducing inflammation.

The underlying cause of cardiovascular disease is chronic inflammation, which is why reducing inflammation through your diet, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle is crucial for a healthy cardiovascular system. (And yes, mental stress and lack of exercise can cause inflammation, too.)

The anti-inflammatory properties of lion’s mane support overall cardiovascular health, but studies have also found that it can reduce LDL cholesterol levels and elevated triglycerides, which are two risk factors for heart disease.

You can cook lion’s mane mushrooms in butter and eat them whole, boil them in hot water, or take lion’s mane extract as a nutritional supplement in capsule, tablet, tincture, and powder form. Most health food stores carry lion’s mane mushroom supplements.   -excerpts from web site “Kettle and Fire”


Pelehonuamea,  “She who shapes the sacred land,” Madame Pele originated on Bora Bora in Tahiti. She is a goddess of fire, lightning, dance, wind, volcanoes and violence. Her poetic name is Ka wahine `ai honua or the woman who devours the land. She is both a creator and destroyer. She throws molten fountains into the air and governs the great flows of lava. With her power over the volcanoes, she created the Hawaiian Islands and to this day, she has been known to reveal herself throughout the beautiful islands she crafted herself.

No Kahiki mai ka wahine `o Pele,
Mai ka `aina mai o Polapola,
Mai ka punohu a Kane,
Mai ke ao lapa i ka lani.

The woman Pele comes from Kahiki,
From the land of Polapola,
From the rising mist of Kane,
From the clouds that move in the sky.

She found a home on Mauna Loa, Mauna Kea is the home of Poliahu, the snow goddess. Legend says everytime Madame Pele would use her o’o to dig a fire pit, Poliahu would cover her fire with snow . In folklore, Pele travels throughout the islands, appearing to mankind as a beautiful young woman, or as an old woman, sometimes accompanied by a white dog. Refuse her requests and suffer her wrath, legends say. Tales of encounters with Pele include drivers who picked up an old woman dressed all in white on roads in Kilauea National Park, only to look in the mirror to find the back seat empty. Others say Pele’s face has mysteriously appeared in their photos of the lava lake within the crater or molten lava flows. Among the people of the islands, Pele is revered and respected.



Christ Light Meditation

Visualize the light of Christ expanding from within, out through the entire body, to a distance of at least three feet from the skin.  See and know that this light is driving out all inharmony and inadequacy.  The purpose of this is to cleanse the three-fold man as well as the aura of all thought forms and habit patterns which might interfere in the work or be of harm to the individual brothers around us.  LET GO AND LET GOD.

Visualize the light shining from you to all disciples of the Christ, and attempt to become at one with them.  KNOW THAT THIS LIGHT REACHES ALL LIGHT WORKERS  EXPLANATION:  In so doing we are linked over a very real network which is set up through the light and energy of Christ permitting light to come to us, permitting help and light to flow more freely to all.

Visualize the light going to all members of the races, breaking the tendencies of our mass mind idea of separateness and self- interest, but more especially carrying out the will of God.  KNOW THAT ALL ARE CHILDREN OF GOD.