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This is a written account, edited for spelling and brevity:  From Eric Fuchs/Will Camron: Dear Ones,

Back when the SOM had an office on Market Street and a hotel on 6th street, the first racial riots began to burst out in the country. Master Paul called his students together in his office on Market Street Much work was already taking place with the residents of the Tenderloin, and Father (and Mother Ruth) lived on Taylor Street just above the Tenderloin.  Those students were gathered together to help stop the ramped up emotional racial clashes, as the police had blocked off the Tenderloin and were in full riot gear.  Wooden fences had been erected to quadroon off the area, and the hatred could be felt on both sides.

Master Paul was quite calm and collected, as Peace is a clear mark of Mastery.  He said, “I don’t have much time, so listen up.  We are going to stop this right now.  San Francisco is not going to burn—but I need your help.  First off, I don’t want you to “THINK”; I want you to open your hearts and LOVE the hell out of everyone you come in contact with, whoever they may be, and I mean everyone equally.  Throw out of your head any thoughts of who is right or who is wrong.  DO NOT TAKE SIDES:  YOUR JOB IS TO BRING DOWN THE HOLY SPIRIT.  And watch a miracle take place.  No one will be able to confront the power of the Spirit if you stand on the truth in a positive way.  There will be no conflict.  And we will get this job done.”

We all left the office and walked right through the blockades set up by the police and entered the Tenderloin district, which was so highly agitated that the chief of police tried to stop us.  He said to us, “You are taking your lives in your own hands.  Master Paul replied “That is exactly what we are doing” and smiled with one of those great big grins he used to have… There were only four of us:  Master Paul, Orne Grant, Jim Taylor and myself.  We walked around the streets of the Tenderloin going to the darkest vibrations we could find, sending a constant vibration of LIGHT LOVE AND PEACE, STANDING ON THE TRUTH OF WHAT WE WERE FOR!  The Tenderloin was a nucleus for drugs, prostitution, bikers, pimps homeless, gays.  Anyone who did not conform.  The poor and down trodden and heavily Black and Hispanic.  There was no Haight Ashbury; hippies did not exist yet.

You had to be there to believe what we saw and did.  We were all glowing light bulbs.  People were running up to us, with a surprised look on their faces, not saying much if talking at all.  But the Holy Spirit was just so strong that it knocked out the negative hateful vibrations in them and they too began to glow and become peaceful right before our eyes.  Not only that, but when they left and again went to where they had been, the people in their groups began to also glow.  The Holy Spirit was jumping from one to the other.  I had a hard time believing what I was seeing–in a matter of an hour and a half, the entire Tenderloin was at peace.  Everyone had retired to their homes.  As we walked back through the barricades, the same police chief said to us “You guys either started this riot or you are saints.”  Master Paul replied, “Neither, we just stood up for what are for.”

Was this a miracle; some might see it as that?  But in truth, there are no miracles. It was miraculous to see, but what was actually happening was not a miracle; it was the proper way of changing a situation by mental alchemy…  One can conquer without being confrontational by standing up for what they are for, not what they are against.  Resist not evil; stand up for truth.  You may find miraculous things happening around you also.

I am not against anything, but I am FOR a lot of things.  I am for equality, not bigotry.  I am not against what really does not exist in truth and are merely mental illusions.  I will give them no power. Martin Luther King dreamt of equality.  Mahatma Gandhi was FOR Indian independence.  The Dali Lama is FOR Tibetan freedom.  Jesus was not against ignorance; he was for spiritual truth.  “I am for you, not against you.”

I am for peace not against conflict.  I do not need to be confrontational; I need to be harmonious.  GOD IS HARMONIOUS.


Class Father Paul      August 13, 1968:

(Excerpt):…But we have talked in the past of the word and prayer, the word of Christ through us, and the prayer, and a way of understanding ourselves, of understanding our own prayers, of understanding our own ability to heal, our own ability to take care of our needs through the Word of God.  And of course most people don’t ever associate the Word of God with what they need because, of course, if you follow the usual colloquial way of thinking, God don’t have anything to do with your everyday life.  That’s just on Sunday, you see.  They don’t never pay any attention to that when it comes to using it where you work or where you make money.  That’s nothing to do with it.  It’s all separated.  Sunday is one day and the other six days is another. So don’t get them mixed up together, because if you do you’re liable to start thinking the way we do and then that would be bad.

But if you get into the assumption of, to get into the understanding of man’s mind and his attitudes and his mental attributes, you’ll begin to learn something about what life is like, only you won’t be doing it exactly as a psychiatrist does it, or the sociologist.  Psychiatry has its place, but if God isn’t in it, why then it doesn’t have much of a place.

We learn one thing though, in all of our work so far, and that is the fact that man has the power to assume certain roles and certain things in his life, and that they will function and they are real, and they’re not play-acting.  Now, I know of people whom you could talk to that would go on and explain the mental science to you as a play, and they live every day that way, as a play, and there’s no reality to it.  They would tell you that all they see in front of you is not real.  They would go on still further and tell you that no doubt it’s part of the play.

Well, I’m going to tell you one thing, my friend, when they wake up, after they’ve left this vehicle, they’re going to have a real sudden shock, and it won’t be an act or a play.  It’ll be very darn real, believe me, and they’ll wish they’d found out more about the reality of it.  Because when you wake up and find that you’ve got nothing but your mind to control the energy and powers around you, then you’ll wish you’d listened a little closer, when Jesus said and talked with his disciples.

There are three things in man’s life that has to do with his advancement and his spiritual reality.  One is the attaining of his independent knowing, the second is his illumination, and the third his realization of God.  From the first to the third of these major concepts–or major realities, I should use the term–he may study about them, he may work on them, he may work on them spiritually, he may get to the place where he has light to a certain extent, has broken through into the light, but until he starts to function on it, he hasn’t got it, because he hasn’t accepted it.

I know of people that occasionally have been able to see the God Self and they’ve worked very hard for some of these things.  But until they accept this and go to work with it, by the assuming, the acceptance, the working with it, the reaching out, the moving with it, they’ll never have it. Because you may see all kinds of fantastic spiritual phenomena, and until you use it, u-s-e these powers that are God-given, you haven’t got them.  You’ve just seen something that is a manifestation of them, but they have not been used by you, therefore you don’t have them.

You have to work on them and step out on it.

It is just the same as when the Master said, on the road that day when he saw the leper and he said to the leper, he said, “Arise.  Take up thy bed and walk.”  Walk!  he said, unless more or less thy same sins return unto thee.  He didn’t say, “Maybe you can get up; try and pick up your bed; see if you can walk.”  Unh-unh.  He said, pick it up, walk.  But mark my word, don’t go back and do it over again, because it will come back on you.  Now the man had to assume that he was well, didn’t he, or he’d have never got off of the bed….(to be cont. next issue)


Attitudes of the Disciple

Practice fearlessness and understanding, not being afraid of whether the other person knows how much you know or not, seeking to attain humility, for it will destroy all

limitations, and it will provide you, the disciple, with a pure channel within.   This will directly open your consciousness to the Christ Light, the Creator of energy through which those you meet can mutually be accepted.

The action of harmlessness, and the feeling of harmlessness brings about in life good judgement, a hesitancy for speech, a refraining from impulsive action, in other words, it is the demonstration of a non-critical spirit, thus leading into right action.

Each night as you retire, you go through retrospection of the day, at which time you recount your actions, words, and thoughts, so that you will not make them harmful, or put barriers in another’s way.  You then ask the Creator that they be transmuted into Light and let go of them.

Set yourself to think those thoughts about yourself and others which are constructive and positive in their effectiveness.

Study your own emotions, and their effects on others.  Have no negativity or emotional reaction that could harm a fellow being.

Remember, do not carry the outward emotional pattern of a spiritual zealot.  Enthusiasm is good, but misplaced or misdirected may quite easily turn someone aside from the Truth you have that could be of help , causing distrust or disbelief in the organization you represent.

Look not at  wrong tendencies in people, but their virtues.

Remember this is the age of activity, both physically and mentally.  You should practice the positive, which works out in right thought based on intelligent loving action and speech.

Self-control and right action founded on an understanding of the Law will call forth all the resources around you, and bring forth results with the passing of time.

It is not the harmlessness of your action that is weakness, or sentimental love disposition that dislikes trouble; it is the disharmony of your life that leads to discomfort.

It is the patterns of harmlessness that spring from the true understanding and control of personality by the soul that leads inevitably to spiritual expression in everyday life.

A true disciple develops the capacity to integrate one’s consciousness into Christ consciousness, and to penetrate into the realization of others, and when this has been accomplished all differences are forgotten in the desire to be of service.

The slogan of the Order of the Disciples and the Science of Man is:  “And by their works shall ye know them.”

Orange Concentration Exercise

The purpose of this exercise is to train the mind to concentrate upon a given subject for longer periods of time without allowing distracting thoughts to enter.  This improves memory and comprehension.  You cannot meditate without concentration.


Set aside a period of time, such as early morning or before retiring, for this exercise.  Whatever time is chosen, try to stick to it each day.  Pick a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed.


Sit quietly in a chair with a hard back and just take it easy for a few minutes letting your thoughts slowly come to a halt.

Then, looking at an orange which you have placed on a stand or clear table before you at about 1 ½ feet from you, examine slowly and completely the surface of the orange.

Then, letting your eyes slowly drift to the center of the orange, look within it as if you are really looking inside the orange.

Let your eyes remain constant as you look within it and examine the various segments, shapes, colors, and sizes of the pieces and the seeds within the orange.

Then after you have done this for a few minutes, examine a seed and take it down to its shell and examine its many layers.

Then looking at the seed, see how it would look placed in the ground, then sprouting, bearing roots, and finally growing to a small tree, then a mature tree bearing a blossom which blossoms into a fruit.  You again have the orange.  Let this be your exercise.

If at any time during the exercise your attention drifts to another subject, stop immediately and go back to the beginning, letting your thoughts drift out and slowly stop and then begin again.

Do not stop and start again more than 3 times in one sitting.  If focus is not kept after 3 tries, discontinue the session and try again later in the day.

Do this exercise each day for 7 days. Remember that this simple exercise represents your universe, and that Jesus after he had taken on the Christ aspect, said that “Only through me shall ye see the face of the Father.”

 This orange is round like the Sun, in a similar shape.  It is also the path to the Father because it represents in form and symbolism the shape of the Father, this Solar System.

 It is also subdivided into segments, the same as the segments of the solar system, and its divisions for the calculation and the divining of the natal astrological chart.  So the seeds of the orange are in symbolism the planets of the solar system in the different houses of the Zodiac.

Under the influences you gain control of mind so that you may reach the Mind of the Father, so that you may reach the SELF within, which you are seeking.

 So we see that in this simple concentration exercise, which is more than 4,000 years old, we have the symbolism of the Son/Sun, and the symbolism of this solar system and life eternal.

 The completed exercise should take between 10-15 minutes a day.                        GOD BLESS YOU.


Singing Ice

For as long as I have lived here I have been so deeply fascinated by these sounds. If you have been following me for some time you might have heard me talk about this before. The sound of the ice is among the most beautiful and magical sounds I know, and I also believe that the sound can have a very healing effect on humans. The singing ice can remind us of the sounds that the whales use to communicate with each other . And just like the ice, most of the sounds are such low frequency that you cannot even hear it. Only barely feel it. It also reminds many people of the sounds that can be heard from inside womb. Maybe that’s why it has such a calming effect on many people? So, my recordings is only giving you a little part of the magical feeling you get from the singing ice. The sounds in my video can’t represent the whole feeling of being out on the ice and hear and FEEL the sounds. But at least I hope to give you a little glimpse of these musical concerts by the ice.

Jonna Jinton, Sweden (Youtube channel Jonna Jinton)


Vitamin D helps the body fight coronavirus, major Israeli study claims

‘Sunshine’ vitamin is like a steroid, researcher says, urging public to head outdoors; another scientist urges caution, saying other factors may be at play…

There are growing suggestions internationally that good vitamin D levels — long thought to have a range of health benefits — help people to deal with the coronavirus. A recent German study concluded that “much more attention should be paid to the importance of vitamin D status for the development and course of the disease.”

But Ella Sklan, head of a molecular virology lab at Tel Aviv University, who is unconnected to the study, told The Times of Israel that she thinks people should keep results of vitamin D research in perspective.

She said that the vitamin is good for the immune system, and that she urges her mother to take it, but thinks that studies that herald its benefits for the coronavirus may be reflecting other variables. Sklan gave the example of physical activity, saying that a person with high vitamin D levels may well exercise more, and the exercise could be impacting health.

From a nurse practioner working at a low income clinic:  “Not sure if there’s any significant difference in brands of D3. I generally get generic, on sale, and/or organic if available. Also take extra Vit. C, Echinacea, Zinc, and Elderberry extract before and after working a shift in the clinic in addition to the usual PPE precautions. So far, so good and staying well…” 


Autumn Equinox 2020 in Northern Hemisphere is at 6:30 AM on Tuesday, September 22 PDT




 Illumined souls, like stars far-flung,

Pinpoint earth’s darkly orb with sparks of light.
Their brightness varies, these God’s Sons,
As seen by eyes of Inner Spiritual Sight.
Great Teachers make a far more brilliant show—
Suns come to earth, round whom revolve
Disciples, Seekers after Christ—
Whose work more solar replicas evolve.
They hide much glory from man’s view,
And cloak the nucleus of living fire—
Or hang a temple veil of blue
To guard identity from pryer’s stare.
Saints, purely white, more softly glow;
Most radiant are those with selfless love.
To one who looks on earth with Spirit’s eyes,
It looks thick starred like unto Heaven above.
                              –Rev.Mother Ruth Blighton



 I am but a thought in the great Mind of the Father,

Let my wisdom flow freely in your hearts

For you are the children who drink

Of the waters of this Mind.


Guard this great mind with your love

And kindness which you have for each other.

And let me not become like thorns on a rose,

Thoughts which will carry you away from the well.

But may your thoughts be faithfully one to the Father.