Spring Quarterly 2013: Opening Letter


 Just a few days before my beloved brother went through transition in an automobile accident, the two of us had an unbelievable flight in a vintage WWII aircraft. He looked at me and said “Life is about Memories”.  It had never dawned upon me the scope of his statement until a few days later when his physical presence was so abruptly taken from me. It was so great a loss.

One of the first recorded statements of the Buddha after his Illumination under the bodhi tree, was that “All Life is sorrowful “. It is sorrowful because with life there is always death, and loss. We simply can not have one without the other.  All things in the phenomenal universe come in pairs of opposites, and shall pass in time . Consequently our participation in life ultimately brings sorrow. There is however an antidote to this situation in a little Buddhist  story of a man who went to a doctor in the hopes  of  finding a cure for his great sickness. He told the doctor of his great sorrow. The doctor said, I can help you !! The cure for your sorrow is nirvana. Nirvana is that psychological state that transcends all pairs of opposites. However it is much more:  It is the taking on of the Mind of Christ.

A Bodhisattva in the Buddhist tradition, is one who has attained enlightenment and nirvanic bliss and has chosen the path of “The Joyful participation in the sorrows of the world” rather than complete release from this world of polar opposites; thus he has chosen to return to function through the heart center and thus has one foot in the world, the other in eternity. In our western traditions we might say that he/she has taken on the mind of Christ, as we must do also. Christ consciousness  indeed extends Beyond all categories of knowledge and thought and logic.

As I continue upon the path, and enter the later stages of this great life cycle, I revel  in the treasure trove of rich memories I have been given; many of which for me seem to transcend time and space. Likewise, I believe the memories we have all been given  are indeed dynamic and eternal and glorify our Creator. They continue to work their alchemy in this world and the world to come.

This new solar cycle renders once again many great opportunities for us all to bring to the forefront of our consciousness  the living dynamic memories of our journey, and that of the Cosmic Christ. I do believe we have been specially blessed on our path with the vision, experience and remembrance of the Holiness and glory of our great Spiritual  Brotherhood.

Might all of our sorrows and Joys, be lifted up into the radiance by our crystal clear memories of our Lord Jesus  Christ as he overcame the world on Calvary.


Thank-you Jesus.

Rev. James Kalstad

Spring Quarterly 2013 From Father Paul Sermon 1973


From Father Paul:                                                     December 1, 1973

This morning I’m going to take our lesson from the fourth chapter of the Book of Activity, and beginning with the first verse:

For let it be known that I, the Master Jesus, do hereby declare that no more shall the sorrows of the past age be celebrated, but the victory.

It is the time and it is appropriate, and it is something which we must get used to, is the accepting, the celebrating and the acting in accordance with the victory; because we will be and we are being victorious over the darkness and those that promote it and promulgate it.   We are not his emissaries of sorrow.  We are his emissaries of victory, for we are going to change the source of that wisdom which shall bring the Christ and the light of the Christ to man.  We are not here as, you might say, missionaries to convert everybody.  We are not particularly – we are not too much interested really in whether you’re Mohammedan or whether you’re Buddhists, but we are interested in whether you have the light of the Christ; and this is our purpose.  And in this we are going to be victorious.  In this we hold the rod of power and the Word to bring it into existence.  We are coming into the time of worship, adoration, and we are going to celebrate those things which were considered the time of sorrow, but we are not going to celebrate them as a sad thing.

There’s a difference between those things which are sorrowful and those things which are sad.  A sad thing is when we have defeat.  A sorrowful thing is something that you go through and experience that isn’t always what you would call a joyful thing, from the standpoint of the world as it looks upon it, but it contains within it the victory.  And that’s what we’re going to celebrate in this coming six months is the victory of Christ over the darkness, the wrongdoing and the misconceptions of the world, of those people who have not been brought into the knowledge and the wisdom of our Creator.  We are going to try to bring this about so that these people will not have the suffering that they have had right along.  We are going to attempt to bring the light to them, and we are going to – if they wish to accept it – and we’re going to bring enough of it so that they’re going to have to make that decision one way or another.  It will be their time of decision, and it is almost the same as, you might say, the beginning of a judgment, but we are not going to personally have that to do.  They will be their own judges.

It brings a great deal of satisfaction to me this morning to be able to bring this message.  I have avoided it for a long time, I guess unconsciously; it probably wasn’t the time.  But I want to bring it also in a personal way.  Instead of your going through all those sort of changes, and all these sometimes miseries, you might say, and as they used to call them when you had some slight illness, a cold or something like that, you had “the miseries”.  You didn’t have a cold,  you had the miseries.  And that’s an old southern expression, in fact, if I remember correctly.  Well, we just don’t want any more miseries!  We are not going to have the miseries.  We’re going to have the victory, and that’s where we’re going to watch for from now on.  This to me is a, this is a chapter of the book that’s totally dedicated to victory, getting things done and going on and doing the next.

But you shall celebrate the victory of my Father through the Christos.”, through the great Christ.

The fact that His source and power and His love is becoming victorious through the Christ, the great Christ, and through our Lord Jesus who took upon this great mission and brought the atonement to us, this is what we are especially going to think of during this coming six months.  Because if we get to be victory-minded we can’t help but draw to us those who would walk that path and don’t mind being happy.  Because there are so many people that just can’t stand to be successful, you know, and that’s one thing they’re going to have to learn to do in this order.  They’re going to have to learn to be victorious.  They’re going to have to learn to be happy and like it.  And this sounds strange, but it is not.  It is a reality that they have been with the sorrows in the past age so much, in the Piscean age, that these have gotten to be a habit with them.

You see somebody get up in the morning and if they’re very close in the house or where you’re living, and the first thing they do is kind of open one eye and then they look at you, you know, and you  say, “Well, good morning, John.  How are you this morning?” and they say, “Uh, pretty good.”  What a way to start the day.

For wouldst thou give unto man defeat when the first-begotten Son of God returns this day?”  And you know this little passage here is pretty good, a pretty potent thing.  “For wouldst thou give unto man defeat when the first-begotten Son of God returns this day?”  In other words, if you were to see the great power descending, of the Christ, and Jesus the emissary was to appear in some form, I don’t know what form, but was to appear, would you teach sadness, would you teach defeat, would you teach sorrow?

Well, I can remember back quite a few years ago when the end of the second world war people just went wild in the streets because the war was finished.  Now, this was a victory.  Not the kind that we’re looking for, but it was a victory and they were joyous over it.  Now I wonder what kind of joy and celebration that we can key ourselves to in this day.  We have gotten to the point where it doesn’t bother us too much to look happy, anyway.  Now I wonder how far and how deep that is within us, that same happiness; and is it just a facial expression that we’ve gotten?  Well, that’s better than the other, that I grant you, but let’s get it down a little deeper than that and let us look forward to that one point, and that reality of victory.

For thou livest with the shadows of my being, and I do glorify my Father as I did in the days of old.”  I think we ought to think of that a little bit:  “For thou livest with the shadow of my being, and I do glorify my Father as I did in the days of old.”

Now what is a shadow?  A shadow is an image that is created by some object or some force through having the light shine upon it and leaving a space where the light does not show.  The light does not show, but all around it and beyond it the light is, but in that shadow you have exactly the image of that which is standing between you and the source of the light.  Well, now, that’s all right with me if the Christ or the Father’s shadow – I can stand in the shadow of the Father, I think that’s getting pretty close, because if I can see His image I’m going to be in pretty good shape.  I’m not going to be worried at all.  For this is the way, in long years gone past, we took people with us, our squires and our people, into battle.  They always stood your back so that you could, they could work and operate and fight in your shadow, because you were a trained one for battle.  It’s always nice to have somebody at your back anyway.

“For thou livest with the shadow of my being.”  In other words, it’s getting pretty close now.  “And I do glorify my Father,” and he’s talking about himself, the Master Jesus Christ.  “As I did in the days of old.”  In other words, we are coming into the days of miracles, to the days of the wonders of his emissary, our Lord Jesus.

For wouldst thou have me belittle my Master and great Lord from whom I took my power?”  In other words, the Master is saying to us, “I, too, have a Master; it is my Father in heaven.  And wouldst you have me not glorify Him so I get in the way of my plans to bring Him greater glory, greater joy, and greater experience through these people here on earth?  For I came to earth bringing His glory and His power with me, and if you’ll just help me so that I can fulfill this, what I started on Calvary, this will bring the victory which we are seeking.”

Wouldst thou now defeat my work and my gift I gave to you on Calvary?

He’s saying:  “Are you going to take advantage of the atonement?  Are you going to take advantage of the confessional?  Are you going to take advantage of the power and the Word which I gave to you, and the gifts?  For these are the things which I brought with me from my Father in heaven.  Wouldst thou now defeat my work when I have gotten it this far?  And my gifts I gave you on Calvary?  I gave them to you, now all you’ve got to do is use them.  You don’t have to create them, you don’t have to bring them into existence; they’re there.   You’ve got them.  I’ve given them to you.  They’re there for you to use.  They’re there for you to give thanks to the Father in heaven for that which He permitted me to bring to you as a gift.”

For as a little very interesting little thing here: when Jesus was born, the Wise Men, the three great kings, brought to him gifts.  And when he came to earth, he brought gifts of the great King.  Very interesting parallel, for he gave to us all the gifts that his Father had given him, and some more, some more.  For he said, “ Of all these things which I do, so shall ye do also, and even greater than these.”  So he did bring to us not only the gifts that he was endowed with, but others from his Father.  And these gifts are up to us to use so that he can fulfill this mission which he has taken upon himself.

“Gifts which I gave to you on Calvary.”  See, he had to let go of all of these things.  He gave them in the upper room just before he left for Calvary, but he had to let go of all these things himself because he was going to, he was returning to another level of operation where these gifts were not really essential.  So he left them for us to use.  He told us about them.  He showed us all through the Testament how they operated and how they could be used, and now he is telling us and giving to us the opportunity of total victory over ourselves.  And this is the thing which many – this very simple thing that many fail to recognize.  It’s the total victory over ourselves because when we are victorious over that we are victorious over all.

For it shall be set in the records of this holy order  …”  What, the Holy Order of Mans?  No, this holy order, “the Way of glory!”  This is the Way.  “I am the Way.”  The Way of glory, glory unto the Creator, that each one as they enter that Way, as they take up that Way, they are victorious over themselves.  They are the possessors of the light.  They are the possessors of the Christ.  They are the possessors of the tools.  They have been taught to use them.  They have been taught how to use them for him, to bring this glory to earth.  They have been taught how to use the tools, if they have listened, to straighten out the troubles of earth and to teach his little ones, his elite and those outside, the Way of Life, the Path of glory.

“For it shall be set in the records of this holy order the Way of glory.”  This is the path of victory, not of defeat.  This is the path of light, not of sorrow.  This is the path of joy, not of sadness.

Go ye forth and let nothing stand in your way.

Spring Quarterly 2013: From Father Paul, Cosmic Consciousness

From Cosmic Consciousness Tape:

“It is the soul we seek to emancipate, to clean, to renovate with light, and our own actions.  And then we are free men and we’ll get true answers.  This is why the individual who has delved into the psychic, and I’m not saying there isn’t such a thing as psychic sight, because I know there is; I have worked around too much of it.  I know it’s true.  But because there has been no light and they haven’t found the Self, and it hasn’t been cleansed, then the things that do come up from the Self come through all the rubbish and the records of negation and error.  And this is what we call psychic perception in lots of cases, or intuition.  And this is misguided intuition because the true answer then has to go through a false filter.  And so we are misinformed.  But when the illumination and the Light of Christ is there and you’ve found the Self, you have found the soul, you’ve paid the penalty or price, then what comes out, that’s straight goods.  There’s no coloring to it.  It is the cold factual truth, and will not err.

One of the things of course is demonstrated, and this is one of the facts on which they say the Pope is infallible, and if he is a realized being and a Master of the Arts, he would be infallible.  And this is why he’d be infallible.  It wouldn’t be through any lineage, but it was because he got a direct connection with the mind of the Father where there are no mistakes made.  And this is his only source of infallibility.

In one of the old sources of information I picked up, some very interesting statement.  Probably said it a lot better than I could ever say it, I’m sure:

“Man is neither a living being, nor a living material expression, but a living soul.”  Do you get that?  That’s got a little turn-around-the-corner there: don’t miss it, because there’s the secret.  Man is of the consciousness of God and of the expression of matter.”

Spring Quarterly 2013: Notes from Mother Ruth

Notes by Mother Ruth

 “What do you want?”  Father often asks.  And, “If only you would want something.” he has said to me.  How God must wait to learn what we want.  He has it all to give; so He must listen to all our words and thoughts, not just the impassioned prayer or direct request.  He must watch all our acts, and even more all of our secret attitudes.

Observation revealed that one was seeking favoritism, another desired approbation, and yet another was seeking retribution. How sad that none sought a good gift, one that depicted true love and friendliness.

 The conversion of lead into gold, the transmutation of a negative attitude into one that is positive, is not easily accomplished if the negative thing is allowed to sink in and take firm root, to be followed by a belated effort to effect a change which has then become almost impossible.  Rather the thing should be caught in mid-air, like a ball before it drops to earth, and converted then and there:  anger into peace, hate into love, despair into joy.

Spring Quarterly 2013 Q&A on the Tarot key The Magician

Jason Lotterhand Q & A on the Tarot key The Magician

Question from student:  Jason, what is black magic?

That’s what most people are doing every day, all the time.  We do what we damn well please.  The Individual says, “I’ll do what I want, any way I can.”  He’s not concerned with whether there is a God or whether his actions will affect other people.  He’s only concerned with himself.  That’s black magic.

And does it work?

Sure it works.  Look around.  Ambitious people who are not shall we say, enlightened philosophers, have specific goals and they stop at nothing to achieve those goals.  But it’s a short-term proposition because coercion is always used in black magic. You force all the powers around you, whether they are people, elements, or inner powers.  You make them obey you and when you do that, when you exert force, there is going to be a reaction.  The egotism of the black magician is so great that he overlooks this well known feature of the law.  He can’t imagine that there could be a reaction, but there always is and it can be fatal for him.

How can I protect myself from black magic?

The head of the Tree of Life is Goodwill.  That’s the greatest protection you can have.  It is impersonal and has no object.  This includes harmlessness to all.  The truth has always come through goodness.  It has never come through someone who was ambitious. All great teachers have been people of goodwill.

Life is not destructive nor does it put itself down.  Life supports itself.  Ultimately, the Will-to-Good is Life’s own pleasure.  Therefore, your own pleasure is your greatest goodness.  Your true heart’s desire is always beneficial to others.  This is why we affirm, in statement number one in the Pattern on the Trestleboard, “I am a center of expression for the Primal Will-to-Good, which eternally creates and sustains the universe.”  When you say that and know it’s true, that’s the end of all your worries.

What do you think of the alchemists who wanted to make gold?

Outwardly, the alchemists were some of the most ambitious people the world has ever seen.  Inwardly, however ALCHEMY is a search for spiritual experience.  God is included in the basic premise.  For instance, pictured in Jung’s book Psychology and Alchemy, God is shown as being right there in the alchemist’s laboratory.  This means that if the alchemist can get God to work in what he’s doing, then all things become possible, including physical transformation.  This is the spiritual approach to alchemy.

The average chemist believes that many things are impossible.  When God is involved, that changes everything.  The alchemist says, “If God can do it (and God can do anything), then by God’s grace, if I’m mindful of God, I can do it.”  This is different from trial and error or manipulations.  Like George Washington Carver, the alchemist is continually praying to God to tell him how to do it.  We’re not smart enough to know what to do next.  We have to be guided.

It’s just good sense to be humble about our capabilities and to ask for a little light.  Within ourselves (that’s where to find the God we’ve been talking about), we have a lot of guidance, but not much on the personality level.  If it were easy on the level of the personality, everybody would be fulfilled.

Father Paul: Lesson on the Soul (Spring Quarterly 2013)

Father Paul:  Lesson on the Soul:

“And in one sense, we might say that God is everything—that everything else is not; or in other words, the very opposite of all material things in the universe.  This however, would only give us a negative picture or concept of God, and not a positive one.  We must have a supernatural, or what I would call a super-rational, sense in order to understand.  The only way that this is possible is by coming in contact with the consciousness through the Soul, and we will begin to understand the Creator in this way.  The Consciousness of God, therefore Cause to us, we feel an at-one-ment-ness with Him.

Because of the difficulty of understanding the involved phrasing at first reading, I would say that you should not try to remember this, but it will come back to you.  This is the way of the Spirit and its intellectual reality.

Let me give to you something for you to meditate on:

 You, the Center at which all things meet

And which stretches out over all things,

So as to draw them back into Itself—

I love You for the extensions of Your body and Soul

To the furthermost parts of Creation,

Through grace, through life, and through matter.


The Lord Jesus, You who are as gentle as the human heart,

As fiery as the forces of nature,

As intimate as Life itself;

You in Whom I can always meditate upon

I can always melt away into, and with whom

I must have mastery and freedom—

I love you as a world, as this world which has

captivated my heart.

It is you, I now realize, that my brother man,

Even those whom do not believe,

Sense and seek the magic immensity of the Cosmic,

Through the reality of soul-being.

Winter Quarterly 2012-13: Opening Letter

Dear Friends,

“There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love.”   –Washington Irving

As tragedy grips the attention of America, the angst and need to know “why” becomes even greater.   Yet, there is no answer except in the deepest silence and still small voice, and no braver action than to love—to share with those who suffer, and to reach out to those who hunger and thirst; to love even those who are unapproachable and unlovable.  Perhaps one of these “least” among us will be turned aside from a downward spiral by our love and caring.

This is no small demonstration, and its power is without limit.

Jesus came not as a royal figure surrounded by wealth and power, but in extremely simple circumstances, unknown and unknowable.

His gift to us on the cross was the culmination of his great sacrifice of love in incarnating here yet again, when he had no personal need to do so.

This is the only answer to hatred, fear and despair—to ponder the incredible incarnation of Jesus Christ and that of our Mother Mary, and find a way to give more, to love more, to love Jesus Christ more fully, that our brothers can also look upon the Master, and find their way back to the Light.

Rev. Mary Anderson

From Father Paul: Cosmic Consciousness lesson (Winter Quarterly 2012-13)

From Father Paul:  Excerpt from Cosmic Consciousness lesson

…The mystics have always said that the cosmic consciousness or cosmic mind is a part of our inner selves.  The idea being explained…was that in seeking to make contact with the cosmic consciousness we should not be influenced by modern religious or theological ideas that heaven and the spiritual realm are things wholly outside ourselves.  The author of many of these works was imploring the students of mystical principles to discard the theological principles which were becoming very popular during his lifetime.  He deplored the idea that religion had made an artificial spiritual world called heaven and all the religious writings had made it appear that this spiritual world was a separate kingdom or condition located in the heavens or in the skies or space above us and that we either had to die and be lifted up to it, or if we wanted to think of it, we had to lift our thoughts up and always from ourselves to this place in heaven.  He called attention to the fact that Jesus did not preach such things to the disciples, but intimated that the spiritual world is something that is a part of ourselves and not located in any part of the sky.

Writings had made it appear that this spiritual world was a separate kingdom or condition located in the heavens or in the skies or spaces above us and that we either had to pass through transition to be lifted up, or if we wanted to think of it, we had to lift our thoughts up and away from ourselves to this place in heaven.  He called attention to the fact that Jesus preached no such thing, and that this was not located in any part of the skies.  After the days of Jesus, the Church gradually invented a new idea of heaven which was influencing the thinking of men and women to such an extent that it was difficult for them to get the true idea of the spiritual kingdom within their own beings.

Jacob Boehm, the shoemaker who became such a great philosopher, had caught the correct idea expressed in these manuscripts.  He beautifully presented the proper idea by saying that “in order to reach the cosmic world or spiritual world, we must turn our thoughts inward rather than outward.”  Aside from the Quakers, the mystics of all lands are really the only ones whom have today a correct understanding of what Jesus and the mystics before him meant when they said “the kingdom of heaven [or the kingdom of the spiritual world] was within.”  The word “heaven” in the statement made by Jesus has been misused by the translators of his writings whom did their work to help support the ecclesiastical viewpoint.  The word “heaven” was used by these translators to mean the spiritual world, and they could not help thinking that the spiritual world had something to do with the heavens, or the skies above us.  Thus you can see how inconsistent their translation is since it reads that the heavens are within.  What should have been written was that the divine kingdom was within us and not in heaven.  The phrase was trying to suggest that if we would think of ourselves not as two beings—a spiritual and physical one—but as one being with an outer worldly expression and an inner spiritual expression, we would have the idea of something like a cloak that we wear over our invisible selves.  This cloak might have many patches of many colors on the outside representing the gross material things of the lining.  In order that we may become spiritually attuned for a time in a meditation or concentration, we should figuratively take off this cloak, turn it inside out and put it on so that we are robed in pure white instead of colored patches.

Now, in actual experience, many of us have found that the quickest and easiest way to make contact with the cosmic is to turn our thoughts inward as though we were trying to concentrate not upon some kingdom in the heavens, but a sacred place in the center of our souls within our bodies.  Therefore we begin by relaxing and becoming quiet, passive, comfortable, and freeing our minds from all thoughts of the material world.  Then by thinking that the whole cosmic universe or spiritual world centers itself within, we begin to turn our thoughts inward, directing our consciousness and our thinking toward the inner part of our body.  The one brother said that he even went so far as to think of a great space in the center of his body large enough to contain all the planets, the Sun, the Moon, and all the stars of the universe.  He thought of these as moving around in their orbits just as though his body were a large shell of some kind; within the hollow part of it was a whole universe.  Another brother said that he found it easier to think of himself growing big enough to wrap himself around the whole universe and of having the universe within him so that all he had to do was to think inward and he was immediately in contact with the whole of the Cosmic Mind and the Cosmic Consciousness.  Both of these methods will help wonderfully in making the right contact.

By turning the thinking mind or outer mind inward toward the heart as though it were the center of the universe, and as though the spiritual kingdom and God-consciousness were surrounding the heart in the center of the body, the best results were obtained.  And in thinking this way while sitting in concentration, the first thing that happens is the loss of all consciousness of the outer body and the world around us.  Minutes pass very rapidly when a person sits in such a concentration and all that we are conscious of is the fact that we are within ourselves, and in touch with a great cosmic power of some kind.  During such concentration, the mind seems to contact all places of the universe and countless personalities.  Such contacts with the consciousness within are very successful when one is trying to get information from the Cosmic and inspiration or an answer to the great question.

In many of my own experiences and those of others who have talked the matter over with me—the answers to the questions have come quickly and easily, and it always seems as though suddenly a voice in the center of one’s body begins to speak or tell something in a strange way.  Once is sure that it must be correct because it comes from the center of himself and is always unconnected with anything of the outer material world.  And I would recommend, therefore, that each of you try this experiment in connection with your concentration periods; try and get just into your own mind that the Cosmic Consciousness within you is just as complete as the Cosmic Consciousness throughout the whole space of the universe and that the consciousness in you is not separated in any way from the consciousness in every other human being.

Mary from a Sufi Mystic (Winter Quarterly 2012-13)

Mary was chosen to bear Jesus because she kept her purity intact.  Simple people call this her “virginity”, but those who know understand that to be pure means to be completely adaptable, to flow with each moment, to be like a running stream cascading from the waters of life itself.  To be pure is to spread joy, and joy is the unfoldment of the knowledge of the perfection of God.  The “work” that you have been searching for is the Spirit of God, and the Spirit of God is the Christ which comes to redeem the world.  The eternal messenger is always within, waiting to unfold the moment through the Word, and one day when Mary is recognized again, there will be a reappearance of the Christ, manifested in the outer world.  Remember who Mary is, and one day, when you are ready and when God so wills it, you will know what I have told you.

-From The Last Barrier by Rasad Feld

From Mother Ruth (Winter Quarterly 2012-13)

From Mother Ruth:

It is said there is one Way but many paths that lead thereto, and we have seen different routes that souls have traveled to find spiritual illumination, each according to the nature or need of the individual.
Looking at the lovely and literal story of Jesus’ birth, one may glimpse a symbolical pattern suggesting different paths whereby the seeker might come to the newborn Light of spiritual illumination.
Those of the inn, which is overly filled with material concerns, have no room to spare and pass up the opportunity.
The shepherds, in their quiet simplicity, are receptive to angelic vision and trustfully obey instructions to find the Light.
Those more learned or highly-placed, through occult wisdom and study of the universe, travel a longer and more arduous route to the Light, but give freely of their goods.
Mary and Joseph have been previously initiated and are already there, as chosen channels to bring the blessed Light to humanity.   – RMR, Dec. 2003


Ernest Holmes, in Science of Mind magazine for December 1985, wrote of Christmas and the meaning of the shepherds and the wise men.  The shepherds represent simple faith, heart, feeling and intuition, and to those qualities the angels appear to declare peace and to tell where to find the Christ child.  They quickly and joyfully accept this, without question, and go to find him.

The Magi, coming from a distance, follow a star.  They have calculated from their store of knowledge approximately when and where the Child would be born.  They represent the searching intellect.

These two approaches to religion aptly represent the ways of the heart and of the head.  Might they also show two eras or Ages?  The Christian church of the Piscean Age represented by the shepherds, and the Aquarian approach by the Magi?  Aquarius is an Air (mental) sign, which rules the study of the stars.  It is also believed that the Magi arrived about a year later, when Mary and Joseph were living in a house.

We all enjoy the feeling of being snug and cozy on Christmas day with our own family all about.  But deep inside persists another feeling, that perhaps stems from the first Christmas when there was “no room at the inn”.  Our hearts reach with yearning to be out there with the lonely and forgotten folk, to share with them this holy day.

The lights we put on at Christmas time, the festivity and gaiety, are akin to the affirmation made by a metaphysician.  It is a declaration of light in the midst of darkness, of warmth when the world shivers with cold, and of  health when there is an appearance of illness.

Jesus came as the Light of the world to affirm salvation where there appeared to be none, and he brought God’s love to those who felt abandoned. So is faith a brave declaration where there is no outward evidence to back it up.

Christmas is a gift of beauty on all levels, from the most spiritual to the mundane.  At the time of  year when it might otherwise be most dark and somber with cold, even lonely, there is brought Light and lights, twinkling to overcome the dark and cheer the heart with beauty and renewal of the Promise from God.  There comes cheer and warmth of heart, with people seeking other people in the best of ways, to give or to bless them with love and caring, recompensing for the warmth and light the earth has temporarily hidden away.

 “Yea, and thine own soul a sword shall pierce – that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed,” prophesied Simeon to Mary.  This is not in comparison with Mary, but in some odd way the pains of the aftermath of Father’s passing certainly pierced some  hearts and indeed revealed, and has continued to reveal in the years since, the thoughts of many hearts.  What was there, not showing clearly before, has come out; the pure have shown purity and some others the reverse.