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The SOM Tenants

1.  Science of Man Church is a non-denominational, non-sectarian group of people, banded together for the purpose of a more thorough understanding of the Universal Laws of the Creator, so they might better manifest His Creation, and thus promote Peace and Harmony among men.

2.  We accept the basic law of the Triangle and the spoken word, as tools given to us by the Creator to fulfill our needs in this life and the one to come.

3.  We accept there is both a seen and unseen plane of action of the life force as set down by the Creator when It created us.

4.  We accept that man was given, when created by the Great Creative Intelligence, spiritual and physical senses.

5.  We accept that life is continuous, uninterrupted, and ever evolving at the point of Being.

6.  We accept that man has the ability as the instrument of healing as given by the Creator to heal the sick, the lame and the halt, as well as the mentally ill of the spirit, as vouched for by the Master Man Jesus.

7.  We accept the giving of Communion both materially and spiritually.

8.  We accept baptism of the child and adult as the baptism of the Holy Ghost, as the lifting of consciousness.

9.  We accept the confession of sins, through the confessional, if it is so desired by the individual, by and through the use of the Great Universal Law, which confessional shall be attended only by an ordained minister.

10.  We accept the unity of the Great Creator in God, mind and matter, throughout this solar system.

11.  We accept that all men and women, regardless of race, creed, or color, shall be accepted on an equal basis in the eyes of the Creator and the church.

12.  We accept that, above all things, man must be free to choose the things in his life, both spiritual and material, which are one.

13.  We accept man as an evolving Being of unlimited resources and unlimited expansion, with a God of Infinite Wisdom.