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This page features some classes and  sermons from Father Paul.

We’re happy to have some new audio ready, as we’ve cleaned up the sound on some of the audio tapes.

This is a sermon from 1970, “This is my Body”:

This is a class from June, 1971 “The actions of Jesus”:

“Be Born Again” This sermon was given in January of 1970.  Text John 3:1-3.

“The Passion to give” This 13 minute sermon was given by Father Paul on August 23rd, 1970 … Text I Peter 4

“Be Sanctified by the Word of God”  This 39 minute sermon given by Father Paul in June of 1971; Text I Timothy 4

“Already Given”:  This 18 minute sermon given by Father Paul on 1/25/70 describes our use of the Law, the Word, and Faith.  Text is Galatians 3:1-5: 

“Acceptance of Reality”  Luke 16:13-14 from July of 1970; tells of the Christ’s return in this New Age and our job in working with the increase in energy:

Endurance  Romans 5:1-5 from August 12, 1970; Endurance covers Jesus saying of “In my Father’s house are many mansions.”

Omniscience of God in Man Ephesians 1:3 from June 28, 1970

Service, Key to Spiritual Attainment  John 16-17 from Sept. 6, 1970

Veneration and Use of the Light Col 3:1-5 from Nov 1, 1970

True Knowledge/True Action   1 Corinthians 8:1-7, dated 7/20/69

Overcoming the Emotions Revelations 20:1-5, dated 9/14/69

The Bitter Cup, dated 12/13/70

Live in One World  Acts 11:1-10, dated 12/20/70

Blessed Mother  John 2:1-6, dated 01/18/70

Advent:  the coming of the Christ again  Matthew 3:1-4  dated 12/7/69

Arise, and take the Child:  Matthew 20:2, dated 12/21/69

Stewards of the Mysteries of God:  I Corinthians 4, dated 12/28/69

Jesus, Gift Unto Us:  Mark 10:1-6, 3/4/70

Teaching How:  John 6:1-7 The miracle of the loaves and fishes applies to modern times

Service in Joy:  Romans 2:1-3 (undated)

Stand in His Shadow:  dated 9/19/71

We’re gradually converting many old tapes to digital, so check back for more!