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Discipleship Program

The Science of Man is an organization dedicated to a more thorough understanding of the universal laws of the Creator, so that all might better manifest God’s Creation and thus promote Peace and Harmony among people everywhere. Our purpose is to teach the ancient Christian wisdom in this day to this new generation as taught in the ancient of days.

Our organization is called The Science of Man* because the universal laws of creation, the law of prayer and other principles can be taught and in your every day life you can become the master of your fate through conscious application of these principles.

As outlined in our Tree of Life lessons, the great work of the spiritual scientist is the realization of the Self, our true identity. You begin this journey through a combination of lessons, Bible study and spiritual exercises. You will be guided to a point where you will see and experience the Light within yourself. This is called the Illumination.

Self realization requires illumination. As Jesus said, “If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” When one is baptized in faith, the Christ Light and Holy Spirit begin the transformation of the body into a body of light. This is the “light that lighteth every man who cometh into the world.” We have all come to Earth at this time in our evolution to experience this Light, as well as the Illumination of the planet.

Like the Holy Spirit, the Christos belongs to no one religion or creed. The Son/sun shines its light on all of us.

The Science of Man is not a religion. The principles we teach can be applied to advance your spiritual growth no matter what church or spiritual group you belong to.

What is the Discipleship Program?

The Discipleship Program is a course of study for anyone ready to make an inner commitment to prepare and grow spiritually, to be of service to God, the nameless Creator, and serve all people, regardless of race or creed.

There is no fee to join; the only expense is the cost of materials ordered. However, you can tithe if you wish.

The spiritual reality of being an active disciple is that you are tied to a tremendous body of illumined beings, headed by our Lord Jesus Christ. There is a spiritual power and grace moving through the living cells of all who are dedicated to the Christ.

The Discipleship student begins by receiving lessons in the Ancient Christian mysteries and, with Bible study, builds a solid foundation.

Upon acceptance into the Discipleship Program:

1.   The Science of Man will assign a priest to instruct you throughout the program. There will be Bible study and you will learn its relation to the physical sciences, and the world around you.

2.   Carry on the personal exercises for development of your own mind and its control.

3.   Carry on your daily activity in the business world, but also carry on your work with the Discipleship Program.

4.   Carry on your meditation or concentration daily, and prayer.

There will be examinations at various stages of your study.


Here are the basic increments of our study program:

The Golden Force

The Golden Force is a first step for understanding and working with the great creative force of the universe. Topics include personal atmosphere control, psychic unfoldment, law of creative mind, the marriage in peace, and more.

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life as taught by the ancients was like a map of Creation, showing channels or paths leading from God to Creation and back again. In this they attempted to study each part in order to arrive at the Whole. So while it may start out with intellectual explanation of the Mysteries, the symbols themselves seep into the subconscious and begin to unfold more of the inner reality.

The Tree of Life study is divided into the Seven Universal Tools: symbolism, communication, power, universal vehicle, the law, epigenesis, and The Way. Topics covered are: meditation, prayer, light, soul, mind, body, faith, the Word, awakening, and world religions. These lessons comprise a book of the basic wisdom philosophy taught by all mystics and Masters of the East and West. They will reveal to you the interaction with science, initiation and the sacraments.

Each lesson should be studied slowly and contemplated carefully. They are written sequentially to unlock the pearls of wisdom within you. These lessons are sent monthly.

Bible Study

To truly comprehend the words and teachings of the Master Jesus, we study the Four Gospels. The simple discipline used in this study will unlock the keys to the kingdom within you, which have been hidden by their simplicity. It is needful that you study the words of Jesus Christ; and this approach is designed so that His teaching will slowly and constructively unfold within you. You are not expected to memorize His words, but rather to make them a part of your everyday life. We recommend that you purchase a King James version of the Bible, preferably with Jesus Christ’s words in red. The only other materials needed for this Bible study are paper and pen, or your computer, and a good dictionary.

Spiritual Exercises

You will receive spiritual exercises from time to time, which will awaken spiritual centers within the body and thus prepare your vehicle and self for illumination over a period of time. You will also find spiritual gifts unfolding such as spiritual sight and healing.

Attitudes of the Disciple

Practice fearlessness and understanding, not being afraid of whether the other person knows how much you know or not, seeking to attain humility, for it will destroy all limitations, and it will provide you, the disciple, with a pure channel within. This will directly open your consciousness to the Christ Light, the Creator of energy through which those you meet can mutually be accepted.

The action of harmlessness, and the feeling of harmlessness brings about in life good judgment, a hesitancy for speech, a refraining from impulsive action, in other words, it is the demonstration of a non-critical spirit, thus leading into right action.

Each night as you retire, you go through retrospection of the day, at which time you recount your actions, words, and thoughts, so that you will not make them harmful, or put barriers in another’s way. You then ask the Creator that they be transmuted into Light and let go of them.

Set yourself to think those thoughts about yourself and others which are constructive and positive in their effectiveness.

Study your own emotions, and their effects on others. Have no negativity or emotional reaction that could harm a fellow being.

Remember, do not carry the outward emotional pattern of a spiritual zealot. Enthusiasm is good, but misplaced or misdirected may quite easily turn someone aside from the Truth you have that could be of help, causing distrust or disbelief in the organization you represent.

Look not at wrong tendencies in people, but their virtues.

Remember, this is the age of activity, both physically and mentally. You should practice the positive, which works out in right thought based on intelligent loving action and speech.

Self-control and right action founded on an understanding of the Law will call forth all the resources around you, and bring forth results with the passing of time.

It is not the harmlessness of your action that is weakness, or sentimental love disposition that dislikes trouble; it is disharmony of your life that leads to discomfort.

It is the patterns of harmlessness that spring from the true understanding and control of personality by the soul that leads inevitably to spiritual expression in every day life.

A true disciple develops the capacity to integrate one’s consciousness into Christ consciousness, and to penetrate into the realization of others, and when this has been accomplished all differences are forgotten in the desire to be of service.

The slogan of the Order of the Disciples and the Science of Man is: “And by their works shall ye know them.”

The Twelve Rules of Living and Finding the Self

1.   Keep the Creator, then Christ, then Christ Jesus, Lord of Earth, in your consciousness at all times – then the Holy Spirit will be with you always.

2.   Obey the still, small voice within (God-Self) and the Law of God.

3.   Study your desires – do not incur spiritual indebtedness by wanting things not essential.

4.   Think and speak only that which is true, kind, helpful and necessary.

5.   Thou shalt be Self-controlled, be charitable, be compassionate, and consistent in all things.

6.   Be affectionately detached – not attached.

7.   Find points of agreement, not difference, with others.

8.   Love all people, and respect their personal possessions, which are God’s.

9.   Practice: Prayer for God’s sake; Work for Work’s sake; The arts for art’s sake; Listening for your soul’s sake.

10.   Tithe for the love of freedom.

11.   Do only that which brings Light into the World.

12.   Let the word of your mouth speak of your coming life.

*We use the term “man” to include both men and women.

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