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The Middle Path

The teachings expressed here are timeless, reaching from ancient wisdom into the coming age, and they present a way that is neither to the left nor the right, that is, not entirely western or eastern, but universal and applicable to all. They point the way from the outer material world to that of the spirit.

We have called this book “The Middle Path” because it shows a way between two extremes. In the words of its author, called Father Paul by his students, “we do not lean either to the occult or the mystic side of things but we go through the core. It is what the old mystic called the bootstrap method; you pick yourself up by your own bootstraps. This is a bit tougher, but it is still shorter than going around and around the mountain.”

The teachings do not condemn other religious beliefs, but seek to present spiritual Truths which are essentially Christian but basically the same in all religions. Father Paul once said, “the teaching is not all in the words, the things that we tell you. It’s in what we manifest and live.” And again, “experience does not come in words.”

The Middle Path is available in both hard and soft bound editions. The Publisher’s discount price applies when purchased over the Internet.



The Golden Force  

 Mover of Mountains and Man
The Builder of Stars and Planets and Seas
And Servant of Man;
The Golden Manna of Flame-Emmanuel.

A handbook explaining the basic Laws of Creation and how to use them in your everyday life. This is a primary introduction to mystical Christianity and working with the Christ Light within you.
Read this excerpt from Chapter 3: Growth
127 pages, spiral bound.  $10 plus shipping


The Heavenly Two  

A coloring book for children of Light of all ages to contemplate and color. An odyssey of Adam and Eve, with reference to the 22 Keys of the Tarot.
It outlines the spiritual journey of mankind from the Garden to mastery, each step bearing a subtle relationship to the corresponding number in the keys of tarot. An accompanying story makes this a book to be read and contemplated, and even colored.

48 pages, spiral bound, 22 plates.  $10 plus shipping


Keystone of the Tarot 

The Tarot Cards companion book, briefly explaining the symbols of the twenty-two Tarot Keys.

102 pages, spiral bound, illustrated.

$10 plus shipping




Jewels of the Wise 

Offers the reality of the Esoteric Tarot in a clear and simple way, with pictures. This text book covers the twenty-two Tarot Keys as well as the Cabala and the Tree of Life. Chapters also include Letters, Origins and Alchemy.

204 pages, spiral bound, illustrated.

$12 plus shipping


Tarot Meditations 

Tarot Meditations is a companion book to the Tarot set of Jewels of the Wise, Keystone of the Tarot, and the cards.  A meditation for each Key gives a focal point for study of the cards.  Each meditation is presented across from a black and white illustration of the Key.

46 pgs.        $8 plus shipping



Tarot 22 Keys   

The classical Tarot deck of the Major Arcana, with corrections that bring  it into line with the ancient teachings. Self coloring
instructions included.

22 plates, black & white deck with coloring instructions, cardstock.

$12 plus shipping 


Tarot cards printed on lighter card stock (limited stock).   – $7 plus shipping




Stars of Heaven
The purpose of this book is not to show you how to set up or read a horoscope.  Such information can be found in many books. But here we seek to help you get acquainted with the feeling and personality of signs and planets and their underlying symbology.  We assure you that although astrological charts places the earth at the center of the wheel, this does not render them invalid, for an average man or woman is the center of his or her own universe. Only when we pass beyond the self-centered area of consciousness to become a solar-oriented being, a Sun-Son, do we move off the wheel of earth’s Karma to join with the great Identity at the center of the solar system.
175 pages, spiral bound, illustrated.    $10 plus shipping


The Story of Jesus -Now in paperback

The Story of Jesus is intended to depict the complete story of Jesus as recorded in the New Testament, with the teachings and actions from all four gospels told as one. Jesus has changed countless lives and the governments of nations.  He has taught us all the laws and principles our present civilization would need in every area of life, and through his acts performed the greatest of all alchemy which transformed the earth itself.

7×10″, 266 pages, perfect bound, illustrated.  $22 plus shipping.


Pondering is a book of reflections, written by Mother Ruth.  She wrote: “The following are some simple thoughts distilled out of experiences and jotted down at random over a thirty-year period covering varying situations…”

Now available as a softcover book, we know these ponderings will be a blessing to you!

240 pages, perfect bound.  $12 plus shipping



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