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Excerpt from The Golden Force

Excerpt from Chapter Three of The
Golden Force:  Growth

…"There is but one Mind and one God, a God that does not wear pants and is
a great sentient Force.  Therefore It does not care what your
religion was in that It did not originate any of the things you call
Church.  Some of the works of the Great Ones have been left out of the
Christian Bible and that is why it is necessary to have no barriers or
superstitions.  There is no personal God sitting in a material heaven on a
material throne welcoming good immaterial souls to this material heaven and with
equal justice sending immaterial souls to a material hell full of fire, fear and
hatred.   My, what a lot of friends I am going to have there.

Growth is impossible with such concepts of being.  For the proof of the
Truth, science and an understanding of the continuity of life exists, and the
proof of life on other planets exists, for many who pass through transition from
here go to other worlds to live and grow amongst a higher race of development. 
The idea of hell and old heaven is being buried by the truth in science of
scientific facts
–in an unmarked grave where it will never be unearthed by
the fear mongers.

Emerson says:  ‘I am the oldest Religion.  Leaving aside the
question:  which was prior, egg or bird?  I believe the mind is the
creator of the world and is ever creating; that at last Matter is ‘dead’ mind;
that mind makes the senses it perceives with; that the genius of man is a
continuation of the power that made him and is creating through him.’

Assuming then that you have awakened or have never been enthralled in that
nightmare of ignorance, and that God or Being means to you above all
Intelligence; that within this Intelligence is substance–the Creative force of
the Universe made manifest–and that you are one with that Creative Force; and
that you are an atom in the composition of this Universe.  You must
understand why it is your right and necessary privilege to come into harmonious
vibration with all the other atoms, which are affected.  The absolute
Creative Force of this Universe is flowing–you to it and it to you.  God
gave Man dominion over all the earth.  "You are on the Earth."  You
are Man

Don’t you see–you are seeking only what Creative Intelligence gave you. 
Your possibilities are limitless.  The only price demanded is tireless
effort of knowing.  You are asking how to know–how to take the Almighty’s
free gift to yourself." ..

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