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Excerpt from The Story of Jesus

Excerpt from the Chapter
"Precedent" from The Story of Jesus

…"In the Piscean Age, fishes and those who would later become Fishers of
Men came to the fore, and had as their opposite sign Virgo, the Virgin holding a
sheaf of wheat.  The loaves and fishes multiplied by the Lord Jesus to feed
the multitudes represented the fruits of both signs.  In Virgo too is
hidden the mystery of healing, for this is the sign of health:  the Son of
Righteousness was to come "with healing in His wings."

Now the incoming Aquarian Age is represented by the Man, full-grown, and is
balanced by its opposite sign Leo, of the heart, the Son/Sun, and the son of
Man.  the more obvious teachings now have to do with the evolution and
development of humankind, and within these will be hidden the door to inner
mysteries of the sign Leo as well.

All the great mystery teachings of the ages have pointed to the birth of the
Sun, which becomes possible as each person reaches a degree of perfection from
within, but the timing of its fullest realization could only come now, in the
Age of Man and sun, or the Son of Man so often mentioned by Jesus, and sometimes
even by Daniel of the Old Testament.

Jesus began a new Way, for all the old had been fulfilled, including the
prophecies which he proceeded to fulfill one by one.  In this day of Man,
we turn to where he left off, and pick up the Testament and the Sacraments as
Jesus did the Law of Moses, and use these as a springboard into the new
Dispensation on whose threshold we stand–in the doorway of the Sun."

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